Fun Ways To Think Places Cheat Answers

Fun Ways to Think Places is the latest puzzle riddle game with creative riddles. In this guide, we will created a sortable cheat list table to help you go through the game fast. Please let us know if you still have any troubles with any of the questions after using our cheating guide.

Fun Ways to Think Places LevelFun Ways to Think Places Answers
Level 1Chile
Level 2New Jersey
Level 3Bali
Level 4California
Level 5London
Level 6Philippines
Level 7Wales
Level 8Tanzania
Level 9Lyon
Level 10Manhattan
Level 11Toronto
Level 12Seoul
Level 13Times Square
Level 14Cambridge
Level 15Madrid
Level 16Bangkok
Level 17Nottingham
Level 18Iran
Level 19Dubai
Level 20Big Ben
Level 21Germany
Level 22India
Level 23Turkey
Level 24Tokyo
Level 25Baghdad
Level 26France
Level 27Antarctica
Level 28Barcelona
Level 29Singapore
Level 30Paris
Level 31China
Level 32Argentina
Level 33Croatia
Level 34Hollywood
Level 35Moscow
Level 36Rome
Level 37Manila
Level 38Iceland
Level 39Glasgow
Level 40England
Level 41Canada
Level 42Milan
Level 43Pisa
Level 44Pennsylvania
Level 45Cuba
Level 46Greece
Level 47Holland
Level 48Los Angeles
Level 49Madagascar
Level 50Buffalo
Level 51New Castle
Level 52Finland
Level 53Amsterdam
Level 54Delhi
Level 55Escuador
Level 56Kenya
Level 57Kabul
Level 58Manchester
Level 59Rio
Level 60Taipei
Level 61Spain
Level 62Washington
Level 63Nepal
Level 64Italy
Level 65Israel
Level 66Macau
Level 67Poland
Level 68Boston
Level 69Jakarta
Level 70Mumbai
Level 71Romania
Level 72South Africa
Level 73Australia
Level 74Morocco
Level 75Shanghai
Level 76Fuji
Level 77Liverpool
Level 78Las Vegas
Level 79Switzerland
Level 80Belgium
Level 81Jamaica
Level 82Cardiff
Level 83Pakistan
Level 84Naples
Level 85Hong Kong
Level 86Ukraine
Level 87Istanbul
Level 88Japan
Level 89Maldives
Level 90Cape Town
Level 91Alaska
Level 92Mexico
Level 93America
Level 94Portugal
Level 95Cambodia
Level 96Sydney
Level 97Botswana
Level 98Kuala Lumpur
Level 99Slovenia
Level 100Birmingham
Level 101White House
Level 102Venice
Level 103Columbia
Level 104Athens
Level 105Red Square
Level 106Sweden
Level 107Perth
Level 108Mauritius
Level 109Kathmandu
Level 110Pentagon
Level 111Hungary
Level 112Houston
Level 113Ireland
Level 114Netherlands
Level 115Buckingham
Level 116Atlanta
Level 117Stonehenge
Level 118Hiroshima
Level 119Peru
Level 120Chicago
Level 121Cannes
Level 122Berlin
Level 123Mecca
Level 124Queensland
Level 125Petra

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