Another Year of Riddles Answers

Another Year of Riddles feature some of the really hard riddles compared to the first one. We have compiled a list of easy answers into a searchable database. Use these riddle cheats to help you get through the game easily if you are stuck! The cheat database contains the another year of riddles answers sheet for the entire game!

Riddles DateAnother Year of Riddles Actual RiddlesAnswer
January 1Four wings I have, which swiftly mount on high, on sturdy pinions, yet I never fly; And though my body often moves around, upon the self-same spot I'm always found, and, like a mother, who breaks her infant's bread. I chew for man before he can be fed.Windmill
January 2It flies when it's on and floats coming off.Feather
January 3What is a foot long and slippery?Slipper
January 4What has a head, but can't think. And has no limbs but can drive.Hammer
January 5I'm a lion with a human head. Guess my Riddle or you'll be dead.Sphinx
January 6A thing with a thundering breech. It weighing a thousand welly. I have heard it roar louder than Guy's wild boar. They say it hath death in its belly.Cannon
January 7There is a body without a heart. That has a tongue and yet no head. Buried it was before it was made, and loud it speaks and yet is dead.Bell
January 8Holding two swords and eight spears. Dressed in a cow-leather tunic. He peeks through a hole in the door.Crab
January 9Little Nancy Etticote, in a white petticoat. With a red nose; the longer she stands, the shorter she grows.Candle
January 10What needs to be taken from you Before you have it?Picture
January 11Its tall is round and hollow, Seems to get chewed a bit, But you'll rarely see this thing Unless the other end is lit.Pipe
January 12A red house is made of red bricks. A blue house is made of blue bricks. A yellow house is made of yellow bricks. What is a greenhouse made of?Glass
January 13Searing 'cross the pitch-black skies, I scream in celebration, Yet moments later, my outburst through, I am naught but imagination.Firework
January 14I am partially baked. I am not completely lit. I am a portion of the moon. I am lesser than full wit. I am a divider of the hour. I am not a total lie. I am a sibling through one parent.Half
January 15What has a bottom right at the top?Leg
January 16What won't break if you throw it off The highest building in the world, But will break if you place it In the ocean?Tissue
January 17Who can shave ten times a day And still have a beard?Barber
January 18Though seldom I flatter, I oft show respect To the prelate, the patriot, and the peer; But sometimes, alas! A sad proof of neglect, Or a mark of contempt, I appear. By the couch of the sick, I am frequently found, And I always attend on the dead; With patient affliction, I sit on the ground, But if talk'd of, I'm instantly fled.Silence
January 19Though not a plant, has leaves. Though not a beast, has spine. Though many wouldn't need this thing, It's more valuable than wine.Book
January 20I'm in a box, full of that which is most rare. But I'm not a flute, and I'm not some hair. Though soft be my bed, I'm as hard as a rock. While dull in the dark, I glisten once unlocked.Jewel
January 21My first is to be seen Every day in the firmament; My second conquers Kings and queens; And my whole is what I would offer To a friend in distress.Solace
January 22If you slash it, It heals at once.Water
January 23To you, rude would I never be, Though I flag my tongue for all to see.Dog
January 24The wave, over the wave, a weird thing I saw, Through-wrought, and wonderfully ornate: A wonder on the wave-water became bone.Ice
January 25What has thirteen hearts But no body or soul?Deck
January 26A prickly house a little host contains; The pointed weapons keep back from pains, So he, unarmed, safe in his fort remains.Hedgehog
January 27A small hill with seven holes.Head
January 28Six legs, two heads, Two hands, one long nose. Yet he uses only four legs Wherever he goes.Horseman
January 29Plow and hoe, reap and sow, What soon does every farmer grow?Weary
January 30What jumps when it walks And sits when it stands?Kangaroo
January 31When we stand up it lies flat. When we lie back it stands up.Foot
Febuary 1Take one royal word in the plural And make it singular By adding one letter.Princes
Febuary 2I am a tale in children's minds. I keep their secrets and share them inside. I blur their thoughts into fantasies kept Like a canvas of art or a submarine depth. Though an illusion it occurs every night; I give them a fantasy; I give them a fright. Nor good or bad but always nigh?Dream
Febuary 3I can be short and sometimes hot. When displayed, I rarely impress.Temper
Febuary 4I have many letters, And though it's strange to say, I stay the same no matter How many I give away.Mailman
Febuary 5The Load-bearer. The warrior. The Frightened One. The Brave. The Fleet-of-foot. The Iron-shod. The Faithful One. The Slave.Horse
Febuary 6It has plenty of backbone But doesn't have a let. It peels like an orange But it comes from an egg.Snake
Febuary 7What does a cat have That no other animal has?Kittens
Febuary 8I have an eye But cannot see, You'll head inside When you see me.Storm
Febuary 9It's been around For millions of years, But it's no more Than a month old.Moon
Febuary 10When I live I cry, If you don't kill me I'll die.Candle
Febuary 11It's held in the hand When going out.Doorknob
Febuary 12What kind of dog chases anything red?Bulldog
Febuary 13Seven brothers, Five work all day, The other two, Just play or pray.Week
Febuary 14My head bobs lazily in the sun. You think I'm cute For my face is yellow my hair is white and my body is green.Daisy
Febuary 15My back and belly is wood, And my ribs is lined with leather. I've a hole in my nose and one in my breast, And I'm mostly used in cold weather.Bellows
Febuary 16I can trap many different things and colors, Ever changing, not boring. Look closely and you may find yourself Also caught in my trap.Mirror
Febuary 17My first is ocean but not in sea, My second in milk but not in me. My third is in three but not in throw, My fourth in vow but not in crow. My fifth is in eight but not in night, My last is in wrong and also right. My whole is praise for thoughts or men; Or women, too, or tongue or pen.Clever
Febuary 18I think you live beneath a roof That is upheld by me; I think you seldom walk abroad, But my fair form you see; I close you in on every side, you very dwelling pave, and probably I'll go with you At last into the grave.Wood
Febuary 19Six letters do my name compound; Among the aged oft I'm found; The shepherd also, by the brook, Hears me when Leaning on his crook; But in the middle me divide, And take the half on either side, Each backward read, a liquor tell, Ev'ry gay toper knows it well.Murmur
Febuary 20The side of cat with the most hair.Outside
Febuary 21Crooked as a rainbow, And slick as a plate, Ten thousand horses Can't pull it straight.River
Febuary 22Two legs I've got, Which never walk on ground; But when I go or run, One leg turns round.Compass
Febuary 23What's higher than the king?Crown
Febuary 24The more you look at it, The less you see.Sun
Febuary 25What is the largest living ant on earth?Elephant
Febuary 26I have legs but never walk, I may have flowers but no soil, I hold food but never eat.Table
Febuary 27It increases and decreases Yet no one see it. It is not a fire And yet it can be quenched.Thirst
Febuary 28Though I do not speak, I oft impart The secret wishes of the heart; I may deceive, may make amends, May create foes, and yet make friends. The harshest anger I can disarm, Such is the power of my charm.Smile
Febuary 29What was was, before was was was?Is
March 1A shimmering field that reaches far. Yet it has no tracks, And is crossed without paths.Ocean
March 2What is the first thing A gardener plants in the garden?Foot
March 3What bird is always unhappy?Bluebird
March 4One pace to the North. Two paces to the East. Two paces to the South. Two paces to the West. One pace to the North.Square
March 5I help to mature your spirits. When moistened I fulfill my purpose. Should I dry out, my task will fail And my quarry may be worthless.Cork
March 6There is not wind enough to twirl That one red leaf, nearest of its clan, Which dances as often as dance it can.Sun
March 7Has no feet, but travels far. Is literate, but not a scholar. Has no mouth, yet clearly speaks.Letter
March 8My first is a heir; My second's a snare; My whole is the offspring of fancy; Which I sent, out of play, Upon Valentine's day, As a token of love, to my Nancy.Sonnet
March 9What do we see every day, Kings see rarely, And God never sees?Equal
March 10What is always coming Every day, But never arrives Until the next?Tomorrow
March 11I'm strangely capricious, I'm sour or I'm sweet, To housewives am useful, To children a treat; Yet I freely confess I more mischief have done, Than anything else That is under the sun.Apple
March 12We are few to the wise; We are abundant to the drunken; We can calm the beast And are precious to the child; We can devour the heart, Without piercing the skin.Words
March 13What kind of cheese is made backwards?Edam
March 14Squeeze it and it cries tears As red as its flesh, But its heart is made of stone.Cherry
March 15Which building has the most stories?Library
March 16What 's the difference Between one yard and two yards?Fence
March 17They come to witness the night Without being called, A sailor's guide and a poet's tears. They are lost to the sight each day Without the hand of a thief.Stars
March 18Black within and red without, With four corners round about.Chimney
March 19What grows bigger The more you contract it?Debt
March 20It's in the church, but not in the steeple; It's in the parson, but not in the people; It's in the oyster, but not in the shell; It's in the clapper, but not in the bell.R
March 21Golden treasure I contain, Guarded by hundreds and thousands. Stored in a labyrinth where no man walks, Yet men come often to seize my gold. By smoke I am overcome and robbed, then left to build my treasure anew.Beehive
March 22When it comes in, From sea to shore, Twenty paces you'll see, No less, no more.Fog
March 23Has feathers but can't fly. Rests on legs but can't walk.Mattress
March 24I am merry creature in pleasant time of year, As in but certain seasons, I sing that you can hear; And yet I'm made a by-word, A very perfect mock; Compared to foolish persons, And silliest of all folk.Cuckoo
March 25Your cat does my first in your ear O were I admitted as near! In my second I've held by you, my fair, So long that I almost despair; But my prey, if at last I overtake, What a glorious third I shall make!Purchase
March 26A bird done at every meal.Swallow
March 27What has three feet But no arms or legs?Yard
March 28Say, what is that which in its form unites All that is graceful, elegant, and true; By all admired, by all acknowledged great, And (as I trust) sincerely loved by you; Which ever on the virtuous attends, And of their peace will surest safeguard prove; The best support of noble, upright minds, The best foundation of connubial love?Truth
March 29What goes with a train, And comes with a train, And the train doesn't need it, But can't go without it?Noise
March 30You seek it out, When your hunger's ripe. It sits on four legs, And smokes a pipe.Stove
March 31What fish came first?Goldfish
April 1I scribble forms of the finest letter, And repel elements of the harshest weather. I am an arrow-aimer and a dust-breaker.Feather
April 2This is a dead giveaway.Will
April 3The warmer I am, The fresher I am.Bread
April 4I know a word of letters three, Add two and fewer there will be.Few
April 5People want it, And when they have it, They use it, By giving it.Money
April 6My first keeps time, My second spends time, My whole tells time.Watchman
April 7I can be quick and then I'm deadly, I am a rock, shell and bone medley. If I was made into a man, I'd make people dream, I gather in my millions By ocean, sea and stream.Sand
April 8My first, though water, cures no thirst, My next alone has soul, And when he lives upon my first, He then is called my whole.Seaman
April 9I am a good state, There can be no doubt of it; But those who are in, Entirely are out of it.Sane
April 10What age most travelers have?Baggage
April 11What is all over the house?Roof
April 12What can go through glass without breaking it.Light
April 13Its days are numbered.Calendar
April 14If you were to throw a white stone into the Red Sea, What would it become?Wet
April 15It doesn't live within a house, nor does it live without. Most will use it when they come in, and again when they go out.Door
April 16A kind of weather that comes your way, but add a “D” and it will run away.Drain
April 17I can travel from there to here by disappearing, and here to there by reappearing.T
April 18There's one of me for everything, through only four are we. O'er and o'er we repeat, cycling endlessly. But Then, I am an act you'll do, when standing at the range. One word, and yet, I've meanings two. I hope it's not too strange.Season
April 19Though easy to spot, when allowed to plume, It is hard to see, when held in a room.Smoke
April 20Cold head and feet; Round as a ball; Always turning around itself.Earth
April 21An iron horse with a flaxen tail. The faster the horse runs, the shorter his tail becomes.Needle
April 22In the sun it likes to play; In the rain it goes away; Walk or run it always follows; In the mud it always wallows.Shadow
April 23I have a little sister, they call her Peep, Peep; She wades the waters deep, deep, deep; She climbs the mountains high,high, high; Poor little creature she has but one eye.Star
April 24I have no head, and a tail I lack, but oft have arms, and legs, and back; I inhabit the palace, the tavern, the cot, 'Tis a beggarly residence where I am not. If a monarch were present (I tell you no fable), I still should be placed at the head of the table.Chair
April 25Be sure to shout for its answers are weak, but there is no language it cannot speak.Echo
April 26In the evening I'm long, in the morning I'm small; When seen in a ballroom, I'm nothing at all.Shadow
April 27What becomes too young the longer it exists?Portrait
April 28What part of a fish weights most?Scales
April 29What word is that, which, deprived of its first letter, leaves you sick.Music
April 30I come out of the earth, I am sold in the market. He who buys me cuts my tail, takes off m suit of silk, and weeps beside me when I am dead.Onion
May 1Though learning has fed me, I know not a letter; I live among the books, Yet am never the better.Bookworm
May 2I ride, I ride; No tracks are left. I chop and chop; There are no chips left. He rides and rides; Turns around: There is no road left.Boat
May 3My first is in spell, but not book. My second is in fright and also shook. My third is in cauldron, but never in pot. My fourth is in net and also in knot. My fifth is in bat, but never in vampire. My sixth is in coal, but not found in fire. My seventh is in moon, but not in night.Phantom
May 4What hatches without food?Hunger
May 5What is the word that even in plain sight remains hidden?Hidden
May 6In birth I spring forth, in life I unfold. In death I wilt and die, but rebirth restores all.Leaf
May 7Slowly creeping, I am weeping, changing shades, and growing.Spring
May 8Though it is not an ox, it has horns; Though it is not a donkey, it has packed-saddle; And wherever it goes it leaves silver behind.Snail
May 9What are you certain to find inside your pocket when you reach into it?Hand
May 10I have a tail. I can fly. I'm covered in colorful feathers. I can whistle and I can talk.Parrot
May 11In Paris but not in France, the thinnest of its siblings.I
May 12What weeps without eyes or eyelids, her tears rejoicing sons and fathers; and when she laughs and no tears fall, her laughter saddens all hearts?Cloud
May 13Passed from father to son and shared between brothers, its importance is unquestioned though it is used more by others.Surname
May 14Within passion's fruit the will be found, and more of them in the pomegranate's crown. Rowed they are within an apple's core, yet other fruits have them more. And though the nectarine has but one, still, this is all just in fun. Playing hide and seek- a children's game. Finding out each player is just the same.Seeds
May 15What is born long, dies short, and spends its life leaving a trail?Pencil
May 16A bird that is: Nothing, Twice yourself, Fifty.Owl
May 17I am nothing really at all, Yet I am easily found; Ignore me at your own peril, and you might end up crowned!Cavity
May 18I start in little but I end in full, you'll find me in half and complete.L
May 19What smells the most in the kitchen?Nose
May 20Old Grandpa Diddle Daddle jumped in the mud puddle, green cap and yellow shoes. Guess all your loftiness and you can't guess these news.Frog
May 21When I get closer my tail grows longer, but when I go away my tail leads the way.Comet
May 22What is that which, though black itself, enlightens the world without burning?Ink
May 23What is that which, while it lives, constantly changes its habit, that is buried before it is dead, and whose tomb is valued wherever it is found?Silkworm
May 24My head and tail both equal are, my middle slender as a bee. Whether I stand on head or heel Is quite the same to you or me. But if my head should be cut off, the matter's true, though passing strange directly I to nothing change.Eight
May 25My strength is powerful and great, 'Tis tru, altho' it seemeth strange, I carry many thousand weight, with which I many miles do range. Whene'er I reach my journey's end with all my speed I hasten home; and tho' I often man befriend, I sometimes also seal his doom.Tide
May 26What gets harder to catch the faster you run?Breath
May 27What turns from red to black as soon as it touches water.Ember
May 28A path between high natural masses; remove the first letter to get a path between man-made masses.Valley
May 29Thirty men and ladies two, gathered for a festive do; Dressed quite formal, black and white: soon movement turned to nasty fight.Chess
May 30What is it that has a power socket on one end and a corkscrew on the other?Pig
May 31Shared between two; Most often to woo; Sometimes hot and sometimes cold; The beginning of us all, young and old.Kiss
June 1What odd number becomes even when beheaded?Seven
June 2Curtail me thrice, I am a youth; behead me once, a snake; complete, I'm often used, in truth, when certain steps you'd take.Ladder
June 3What goes round and round the wood but never goes in to the wood?Bark
June 4What is the thing that stays the same size, but the more it's used the more it decreases?Iron
June 5Too much for one, Enough for two, and nothing at all for three.Secret
June 6As I was going through a field of wheat, I found something good to eat; It wasn't fish or flesh or bone; I kept it till it ran alone.Egg
June 7I am small, but, when entire, of force to set a town on fire; Let but one letter disappear, I then can hold a herd of deer; Take one more off, and then you'll find I once contained all human kind.Spark
June 8It has two bands but no money.River
June 9It can make rain, but take away one leg and it'll give you pain.R
June 10Man walks over, man walks under, in times of war he burns asunder.Bridge
June 11What has a coat; Hugs you not in sympathy; Whose smile you'd rather not see; Whose stance is a terrible thing to see; Who is it that brave men run away from; Whose finders are clawed; Whose sleep lasts for months; And who's company we shunt?Bear
June 12What has four legs during the day; and six or eight during the night?Bed
June 13What's at the head of an elephant and at the tail of a squirrel?EL
June 14Sitting down you have it, Standing up you don't.Lap
June 15I've got a beautiful, beautiful hall all walled in red velvet, with all white armchairs made of bone, and in the middle a woman dances.Mouth
June 16My voice rises above the din sometimes catching all unaware. I never ask questions yet get many answers.Doorbell
June 17What creature starts yellow inside and white outside, then becomes its first five before becoming the whole?Chicken
June 18I'm a slippery fish in a cloudy sea; Neither hook nor spear will capture me; With your hand you must hunt down this fish, to see that it ends up in the dish.Soap
June 19When one does not know what it is, then it is something; But when one knows that it is, then it is nothing.Riddle
June 20What has ears but can't hear?Corn
June 21This sparkling globe can float on water. It is light as a feather, but ten giants can't pick it up.Bubble
June 22I fly to any foreign parts, assisted by my spreading wings. My body holds an hundred hearts, Nay, I will tell you stranger things when I am not in haste I ride, and then I mend my pace anon. I issue fire from my side. You witty youths, this riddle con.Ship
June 23My sides are firmly laced about, Yet nothing is within; you'll think my head is strange indeed, being nothing else but skin.Drum
June 24As I went over London Bridge I met my sister Jenny; I broke her neck and drank her blood and left her standing empty.Gin
June 25Perfect with a head, perfect without a head; Perfect with a tail, perfect without a tail; Perfect with either, neither, or both.Wig
June 26What key is the hardest to turn?Donkey
June 27A young man wants to have it, but when he has it he no longer wants it. Blade in hand he attacks it And does his best to remove it. Yet he knows that it is all in vain.Beard
June 28By the way, what never moves, wears shoes, sandals and boots, but has no feet?Sidewalk
June 29It can be repeated but rarely in the same way. It can't be changed but can be rewritten. It can be passed down, but should not be forgotten.History
June 30What number has all letters in alphabetical order when spelled out?Forty
July 1My body is quite thin, and has nothing within, neither have I head, face, or eye; yet a tail I have got full as long as- what not? And up, without wings, I can fly.Kite
July 2In all the world, none can compare, to this tiny weaver, his deadly cloth so silky and fair.Spider
July 3What bird can lift the heaviest weight?Crane
July 4They are two brothers. However much they run, They do not reach each other.Wheels
July 5What is orange and sounds like a parrot?Carrot
July 6The older they are the less wrinkles they have.Tires
July 7What is bought by the yard and worn by the foot?Carpet
July 8The cost of making only the maker knows, valueless if bought, but sometimes traded. A poor man may give one as easily as king. When one is broken pain and deceit are assured.Promise
July 9What goes up the chimney down, but can't go down the chimney up?Umbrella
July 10Four legs in front, two behind; Its steely armor scratched and dented by rocks and sticks; still it toils as it helps feed the hungry.Plough
July 11Without what would everyone lose their head?Neck
July 12Bury deep, pile on stones, yet I will dig up the bones.Memory
July 13Mouth up it gets filled, mouth down it gets empty.Bottle
July 14What is the end of everything?G
July 15What goes into the water black and comes out red?Lobster
July 16Silently I drink and dive in fluids dark as night. I beat the mighty warrior but never in fight. The black blood in my veins your thirst for knowledge slakes. My spittle is more venomous than that of poison snakes.Pen
July 17A white field, and when it is plowed, its soil is black.Paper
July 18Held firmly in the hands, like a sword it cuts deep. Bloodless strokes, all, then forward we leap.Paddle
July 19What has one hand longer than the other, and goes on all day and night.Clock
July 20It goes up the hill, and down the hill, and yet stands still.Road
July 21Brown I am and much admired; many horses have I tried; tire a horse and worry a man; tell me this riddle if you can.Saddle
July 22What do you call the mother-in-law of your sister's husband?Mother
July 23What is long, pink and wet and is rude to pull out in front of people?Tongue
July 24A young lady walked through the meadow and scattered her glass pearls. The Moon saw this, yet didn't tell her. The Sun woke up and gathered the pearls.Dew
July 25Salty water everywhere but not sea in sight!Tears
July 26I am a window, I am a lamp, I am clouded, I am shining, I am colored and set in white, I fill with water and overflow. I say much, but I have no words.Eye
July 27What word In the English language is always spelled wrong?Wrong
July 28Thirty white horses on a red hill, first they champ, then they stamp, then they stand still.Teeth
July 29I reach for the sky, but clutch to the ground. Sometimes I leave, but I am always around.Tree
July 30Where is the ocean deepest?Bottom
July 31What goes inside boots and outside shoes?Ankles
August 1It's always above the negatives Yet it's lower than the first prime no matter how you multiply it's the same every time.Zero
August 2A precious gift, yet it has no end, no beginning, and nothing in the middle.Ring
August 3My first is high, my second damp, my whole a tie, a writer's cramp.Hyphen
August 4My first is a title of honor; My second is myself; My first is your and I; My whole is a beautiful fixed star, seen in the winter.Sirius
August 5Make three fourths of a cross, then a circle complete; Let two semicircles a perpendicular meet; then add a triangle that stands on two feet, with two semicircles and a circle complete.Tobacco
August 6What flares up and does a lot of good, and when it dies is just a piece of wood?Match
August 7My first is an insect; m second is a border; my whole puts the face in a tuneful disorder.Anthem
August 8At the end of my yard there is a vat, four-and-twenty ladies dancing in that; Some in green gowns, and some with blue hat: He is a wise man who can tell me that.Flax
August 9A device for finding furniture in the dark.Shin
August 10While I did live, I food did give, which many one did daily eat. Now being dead, you see they tread me under feet about the street.Cow
August 11What can you always count on?Fingers
August 12There she goes over the road, a young mare that is whinnying. A fiery spot on her forehead, with her hindquarters ablaze.Thunder
August 13The land was white the seed was black It'll take a good scholar to riddle me that.Book
August 14The strongest chains will not bind it. Ditch and rampart will not slow it down. A thousand soldiers cannot beat it, it can knock down trees with a single bush.Wind
August 15They took me from my mother's side where I was bravely bred and when to age I did become they did cut off my head. They gave to me some diet drink that often made me mad but it made peace between two kings and made two lovers glad.Quill
August 16In the fields a frightful thing. Watch it and you will find, it has a pitchfork in the front, and a broom back behind.Bull
August 17Walk on the living, they don't even mumble. Walk on the dead, they mutter and grumble.Leaves
August 18When people come for me to meet, they come to me with heavy feet. The one I hold, when I get my chance, will turn and spin, and start to dance.Gallows
August 19I have legs but seldom walk; I backbite many but never talk; I seek places that can hide me because those that feed me cannot abide me.Flea
August 20First I may be your servant's name; then your desires I may proclaim; And, when your mortal life is over hold all your wealth within my power.Will
August 21A hold leading in a hold leading out I connect to a cavern that is slimy throughout.Nose
August 22What can you spell with B, R and Y?Brandy
August 23You can draw me, fire me or fill me in.Gun
August 24A father's child, a mother's child, yet no one's son.Daughter
August 25Although a human shape I wear, Mother I never had; And though no sense nor life I share, in finest silks I'm clad. By every miss I'm valued much, beloved and highly prized; still my cruel fate is such by boys I am often despised.Doll
August 26What flowers have two lips?Tulips
August 27It can pierce the best armor and make swords crumble with a rub, yet for all its power It can't harm a wooden club.Rust
August 28Though my beauty is becoming I can hurt you just the same; I come in many colors; I am what I am by any other name.Rose
August 29The older this thing grows the more valued it becomes. It is always much better when its breathing is done.Wine
August 30Before my birth I have a name, but soon as born I lose the same; and when I'm laid within the tomb, I do my father's name assume; I change my name three days together, yet live but on in any weather.Today
August 31What is drawn by everyone without pen or pencil?Breath
September 1I am the beginning of sorrow, and the end of sickness. You cannot express happiness without me, yet I am in the midst of crosses. I am always in risk, yet never in danger. You may find me in the sun, but I am never seen out of darkness.S
September 2My first is nothing but a name; my second is more small; my whole is of so little fame it has no name at all.Nameless
September 3Slain to be saved, with much ado and pain, scatter'd, dispersed and gather'd up again; wither'd though young, sweet though not perfumed, and carefully laid up to be consumed.Hay
September 4In many hall ways you would stand, if not with this in hand.Key
September 5When the horse strokes the cat the wood begins to sing.Violin
September 6The answer to this riddle is unknown.Unknown
September 7What stays the same size no matter how much they weight?Scales
September 8They belong to me; they belong to you; they can make you feel happy or make you feel blue; they never end until the day you do.Thoughts
September 9What is brown and sticky?Stick
September 10The higher I climb the hotter I engage, I cannot escape my crystal cage.Mercury
September 11I'm sometimes white, but most often I'm black. I take you there, but never bring you back.Hearse
September 12There was a little heart inside a little white house, which was inside a little yellow house, which was inside a little brown house, which was inside a little green house.Walnut
September 13Sometimes black, sometimes white, I have veins but no blood.Marble
September 14I have a head and a tail, exactly the same size.Coin
September 15If you're to idleness inclined, a lesson take from me; though small in body, yet you'll find I work with constant glee. And lest stern Winter's chilling snow should spread the verdure over; While Summer's sun in full glow, I then secure my store.Ant
September 16What can you blow up and keep intact?Balloon
September 17As I walked along the path I saw something with four fingers an done thumb, but it was not flesh, fish, bone, or fowl.Glove
September 18When I'm born I fly. When I'm alive I lay. When I'm dead I run.Snow
September 19What divides by uniting and by dividing?Scissors
September 20They can be long or short; they can be grown or bought; they can be painted or left bare; they can be round or square.Nails
September 21Long Legs, crooked thighs, little head, and no eyes.Tongs
September 22I am where the sky is orange, I am where the glass is red, I am the land of violet bananas and the home to blue oranges.Negative
September 23Gown but not a priest; crown but not a king.Rooster
September 24My tail is long, my coat is brown, I like the country, I like the town. I can live in a house or live in a shed, And I come out to play when you are in bed.Mouse
September 25What follows a dog wherever it goes?Tail
September 26It is by nature, soft as silk; A puffy cloud, white as milk; Snow tops this tropical crop; The dirtiest part of a mop.Cotton
September 27The floor's on top, the roof's beneath, and from this place I rarely leave. Yet with the passing of each day. A new horizon greets my gaze.Sailor
September 28We dwell in cottages of straw, and labor much for little gains; sweet food from us our masters draw, and then with death reward our pains.Bees
September 29What English word retains the same pronunciation, even after you take away four of its five letters?Queue
September 30Even if my life is taken eight still remain.Cat
October 1What kind of cup doesn't hold water?Cupcake
October 2Four holes, one going in and three coming out; When you are going in you are out and when you are coming out you are in.Shirt
October 3What is never eaten before lunch?Dinner
October 4My first is snapping, snarling, growling, My second's industrious, romping, and prowling. Higgledy piggledy Here we lie, picked and plucked, and put in a pie.Currants
October 5What kind of fish chases a mouse?Catfish
October 6We are little brethren twain, arbiters of loss and gain; man to our counters run, some are made, and some undone; but men find it, to their cost, few are made, but numbers lost; though we play them tricks for ever, yet they always hope our favor.Dice
October 7Where do penguins come from?Eggs
October 8It goes up, but at the same time goes down Up toward the sky, and down to the ground. It's present tense and past tense too, Come for a ride, just me and you.Seesaw
October 9What liquid can contain the soul?Ink
October 10Looks like water, but it's heat. Sits on sand, lays on concrete. A play on the eyes, but it's all lies.Mirage
October 11In wealth I abound; in water I stand; as a fencer I'm valued all over the land; at Venice I'm famous; by farmers I'm prized; respected by law, yet huntsmen despised; consternation and ruin ensue when I break; And the beasts of the forest advantage won't take.Bank
October 12What sphinxes employ and players enjoy.Riddle
October 13His eyes were raging, that scraggly beast. His lips were bursting, with rows of angry teeth. Upon his back a razor was found. It was a fearsome battle we fought, my life – or his, one would be bought. And when we were through, and death chilled the air, we cut out his heart, and ate it with flair.Boar
October 14This is a coat that will soon dry but it must be put on while it is wet.Paint
October 15Besides Paris, what is the capital of France?F
October 16Though blind as well, can lead the blind well.Cane
October 17If two is company and three is a crowd, what are four and five?Nine
October 18I view the world in little space, am always changing place; No food I eat, but, by my power, procure what millions do devour.Sun
October 19Can not be bought, can not be sold, even if it's made of gold.Heart
October 20Despite having long teeth, every bit of food it grabs gets taken from it.Fork
October 21My first, if you do, you'll increase; my second will keep you from heaven; my whole, such a human caprice, is more frequently given than taken.Advice
October 22Oh lord! I am not worthy! I bend my limbs to the ground. I cry, yet without a sound. Let me drink of waters deep. And in silence I will weep.Willow
October 23A hundred years I once did live, and often wholesome food did give, yet all that time I ne'er did roam, so much as a half a mile from my home, my days were spent devoid of strife, until at last I lost my life. And since my death – I pray give ear, I oft have traveled far and near.Tree
October 24My first is a term to relate a circumstance present or past; and those who are much prone to prate, my second will spout away fast. My whole, in the days of our youth, is what we extremely despised; and though it say nothing but truth, yet it never need hope to be prized.Telltale
October 25They try to beat me, they try in vain. And when I win, I end the pain.Death
October 26What animal has feet on the head?Lice
October 27What occurs four times in every week, twice in every month, only once in a year but never in a day?e
October 28Runs smoother than any rhyme, loves to fall but cannot climb.Rain
October 29It's the only vegetable or fruit that is never sold frozen, canned, processed, cooked, or in any other form but fresh.Lettuce
October 30I saw a fight the other day; A damsel did begin the fray. She with her daily friend did meet, then standing in the open street, she gave such hard and sturdy blows, he bled ten gallons at the nose; yet neither seemed to faint nor fall, nor gave her an abuse at all.Pump
October 31What do rich people have that can be changed into the law.Wealth
November 1It's red, blue, purple, and green, no one can reach it, not even the queen.Rainbow
November 2Man of old, it is told would search until he tired, not for gold, ne'er be sold, but what sought he was fire. Man today, thou mayst say, has quite another aim, in places deep, he did seek, to find me for his gain!Oil
November 3A vessel have I, that is round as pear, moist in the middle, surrounded with hair; and often it happens that water flows there.Eye
November 4Poke your fingers in my eyes and I will open wide my jaws. Linen cloth, quills, or paper, my greedy lust devours them all.Scissors
November 5The more holes you cover the lower it goes.Recorder
November 6What is the middle of water but is not an island.T
November 7Has its teeth on your head but doesn't bite.Comb
November 8Where can you add two to eleven and get one as the correct answer?Clock
November 9What is common to eat before it's born and after it's dead?Chicken
November 10Sometimes it glitters, but often not; May be cold, or may be hot! Ever changing though the eye can't measure, concealed within are many treasures. Some find safety beneath its gate, while some may die beneath its weight! Old and broken, it brings forth life.Rock
November 11What hole do you mend with holes?Net
November 12Before a circle appear, twice twenty-five, and five in rear; One fifth of eight subjoin; and then you'll quickly find what conquers men.Love
November 13I tremble at each breath of air, and yet can heaviest burdens bear.Water
November 14It has no legs to dance, it has no lungs to breathe, it has no life to live or die, and yet it does all three.Fire
November 15What loses its head in the morning and gets it back at night?Pillow
November 16What word has three syllables and twenty six letters?alphabet
November 17A single syllable do I claim, black was my most famous name; Fetal to mortals here below, thousands have I slain in a single blow.Plague
November 18My first a blessing sent to earth, of plants and flowers to aid the birth; my second surely was designed to hurl destruction on mankind; my whole a pledge from pardoning heaven, of wrath appeased and crimes forgiven.Rainbow
November 19I am born in fear, raised in truth, and I come to my own in deed. When comes a time that I'm called forth, I come to serve the cause of need.Courage
November 20Green but not a lizard, white without being snow, and bearded without being a man.Leek
November 21It is in every mountain, it's not in any hill, it's not in all the world, and yet it's in the mill.M
November 22Barren location, infertile and dry; my name means “to leave”, it's not heard to see why.Desert
November 23What is between heaven and earth?And
November 24Those wooden birds are now in sight whose voices roar, whose wings are white, whose maws are fill'd with hose and shoes, with wine, cloth, sugar, salt and news, when they have eas'd their stomachs here they cry farewell, until next year.Ships
November 25A word there is of plural number, foe to ease and tranquil slumber; with any other word you take, to add an “s” would plural make. But if you add an “s” to this, how strange the metamorphosis: What plural was, is plural now no more, and sweet, what bitter was before.caress
November 26I war with the wind, with the waves I wrestle; I must battle with both when the bottom I seek, my strange habitation by surges o'er-roofed. I am strong in strife, while I still remain; as soon as I stir, they are stronger than I. They wrench and they wrest, till I run from my foes; what was put in my keeping they carry away.Anchor
November 27What fish is a celebrity?Starfish
November 28My first is in riddle, but not in little. My second is in think, but not in brink. My third is in thyme, but not in time. My fourth is in mother, but not in brother. My last is in time, but no t in climb.Rhyme
November 29Though it be cold, I wear no clothes, the frost and snow I never fear; I value neither shoes nor hose, And yet I wander far and near: My diet is forever good, I drink no cider, port, nor sack, what Providence doth send for food, I neither buy, nor sell, nor lack.Fish
November 30This thing can bat but never hit. It is next to a ball that is never thrown. It is good luck when found and it falls when it is lost.Eyelash
December 1In almost every house I'm seen, (No wonder then I'm common) I'm neither man, nor maid, nor child, nor yet a married woman. I'm penniless and poor as Job, Yet such my pride by nature, I always wear a kingly robe, though a dependent creature.Cat
December 2My first is a slice affords so nice; my second discomposes; my whole's a bed where honor's head devotedly reposes.Hammock
December 3My love for Eliza shall never know my first; neither shall it be my second; but it shall be my whole.Endless
December 4I'm not a bird, but I can fly through the sky. I'm not a river, but I'm full of water.Cloud
December 5What king can you make if you take the head of a lamb, the middle of a pig, the hind of a buffalo, and the tail of a dragon?Lion
December 6My first is equality; my second is inferiority; my whole is superiority.Peerless
December 7You can read it both ways, I wear; One way it's a number, reversed a snare.Ten
December 8It stands on one leg with its heart in its head.cabbage
December 9There is a word in the English language, the two first letters signify a male, the three first a female, the four first a great man, and the whole a great woman.heroine
December 10Put into a pit, locked beneath a grate, guarded through the night, yet it still goes out.Fire
December 11What fruit is of great use in history?Date
December 12My first is second in line; I send shivers up your spine; not quite shining bright I glitter in the light.Ice
December 13As I went across the bridge, I met a man with a load of wood which was neither straight nor crooked. What kind of wood was it?Sawdust
December 14What goes up and down without moving?Stairs
December 15There's not a kingdom on the earth, but I have traveled over and over, and though I know not whence my birth, yet when I come, you know my roar. I through the town do take my flight, and through the fields and meadows green, and whether it be day or night, I neither am nor can be seen.Wind
December 16My first brace Nelson yielded, midst the jar of angry battle, and the din of war; my second, when from labor we retreat, far form polite, yet offers us a seat; my whole is but my second more complete.Armchair
December 17Has a tongue, but never talks. Has no legs, but sometimes walks.Shoe
December 18what leaps one time out of four?Year
December 19How do snails travel?Slowly
December 20Though I have neither legs nor feet, my use is for to go; Altho' I cannot speak, I tell what others want to know.Watch
December 21What has green hair, a round red head and a long thin white beard?Radish
December 22What can you add to a bucket full of water to make it lighter?Hole
December 23The more you take the more you leave behind.Steps
December 24My parents are singers, and while my father has red hair I am pale and completely bald.Egg
December 25There is someone, and there is always another, for without the other, there wouldn't be one.Twins
December 26A man who worked in a butcher shop was six feet tall and wore size eleven shoes. What did he weigh?Meat
December 27A useful thing, hard, firm, and white, outside in shaggy robe bedight; Hallowed within right cleverly, it goes to work both white and dry. When after labor it comes back, you'll find it moist and very black; for service it is ready ever, and fails the hand that guides it never.Pen
December 28In Spring I look gay, Decked in comely array, In Summer more clothing I wear; when colder it grows, I filing off my clothes, and in winter quite naked appear.Tree
December 29Locked up inside you and yet they can steal it from you.Heart
December 30Men seize it form its home, tear apart its flesh, drink the sweet blood, then cast its skin aside.Orange
December 31Bold are the first; true are the second; playful are the third; clever are the fourth; forceful are the fifth.BRAVE


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  1. May 16 doesn’t have an answer posted on this list. I finally figured it out without using any of the hints! The answer is “owl”

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