Fun Ways To Think Complete Answers Cheat

Fun Ways to Think is a fun riddle game that forces you to think outside of the box. If you are stuck with solving the puzzles, using our answers guide to help you solve all the quizzes. Please let us know if any of the solution cheat does not work for you! Thank you.

Fun Ways to Think LevelFun Ways to Think Answers
Level 1Facebook
Level 2Basketball
Level 3Toothbrush
Level 4Inbox
Level 5Strawberry
Level 6Brain
Level 7Smiley
Level 8Misunderstood
Level 9Football
Level 10Monkey
Level 11Cupcake
Level 12Playlist
Level 13Donkey
Level 14Sunglasses
Level 15Twitter
Level 16Handbag
Level 17Teacher
Level 18Keyboard
Level 19Hifi
Level 20Tear
Level 21Tree House
Level 22Snowman
Level 23Horseshoe
Level 24Laptop
Level 25Cupboard
Level 26Carpenter
Level 27Behalf
Level 28Butterfly
Level 29Moonlight
Level 30Ice Cream
Level 31Pant
Level 32Upstairs
Level 33Honeymoon
Level 34Bookie
Level 35Captain
Level 36Corn Flour
Level 37Bonfire
Level 38Table Tennis
Level 39Sandwich
Level 40Newspaper
Level 41Headlight
Level 42Buttercup
Level 43Able
Level 44Casino
Level 45Cherry
Level 46Caterpillar
Level 47Mickey
Level 48Issue
Level 49Bone
Level 50Think
Level 51Desktop
Level 52Rockstar
Level 53Bean Bag
Level 54Indoor
Level 55Kidnap
Level 56Tissue
Level 57Boring
Level 58Headquarter
Level 59Candidate
Level 60Sherlock
Level 61Earphone
Level 62Cookie
Level 63Peacock
Level 64Seahorse
Level 65Whiskey
Level 66Filipino
Level 67Rainbow
Level 68Breakfast
Level 69Carbon
Level 70Cabinet
Level 71Carpet
Level 72Earring
Level 73Chair
Level 74Charger
Level 75Monster
Level 76Top Secret
Level 77Greenhouse
Level 78Camel
Level 79Appoint
Level 80Fire
Level 81Recycle
Level 82Backbone
Level 83Handsome
Level 84Pineapple
Level 85Zombie
Level 86Program
Level 87Cloudnine
Level 88Deepness
Level 89Comics
Level 90Dining Table
Level 91Hollywood
Level 92Self
Level 93Triangle
Level 94First Aid
Level 95Glamour
Level 96Glove
Level 97Arrow
Level 98Politic
Level 99Window
Level 100Trailer
Level 101Bluetooth
Level 102Kingdom
Level 103School
Level 104Webcam
Level 105Apple
Level 106Keynote
Level 107Playback
Level 108No One
Level 109Candle
Level 110Bottomline
Level 111Hangover
Level 112Song
Level 113Photocopy
Level 114Countryside
Level 115Police
Level 116Underworld
Level 117Burger King
Level 118Cornerstone
Level 119Subway
Level 120Manager
Level 121Poverty
Level 122Wire
Level 123Leftover
Level 124Dustbin
Level 125College
Level 126Birth
Level 127Penalty
Level 128City
Level 129Timebomb
Level 130Cabbage
Level 131Pillow
Level 132Lighthouse
Level 133Hungry
Level 134Tubeless
Level 135Magnet
Level 136Into
Level 137Bunny
Level 138Oversee
Level 139Cocktail
Level 140Lantern
Level 141Autograph
Level 142Routine
Level 143Tomorrow
Level 144Flyover
Level 145Wheelchair
Level 146Parking
Level 147Texture
Level 148Earthquake
Level 149Box
Level 150Angel
Level 151Blackberry
Level 152Sparrow
Level 153Volleyball
Level 154Manila
Level 155Cartoon
Level 156Spiderman
Level 157Hero
Level 158Postman
Level 159Shopkeeper
Level 160Trip
Level 161Mice
Level 162Tubelight
Level 163Wifi
Level 164Eagle
Level 165Kingfisher
Level 166Computer
Level 167Battery
Level 168Watermelon
Level 169Percentage
Level 170Paradise
Level 171Alright
Level 172Name
Level 173Upsidedown
Level 174Binocular
Level 175Cyclone
Level 176Halftime
Level 177Golf
Level 178Timeup
Level 179Bananasplit
Level 180Inline
Level 181Waitlist
Level 182Bigeye
Level 183Ready
Level 184Followup
Level 185Hole in One
Level 186Flight
Level 187Crossing
Level 188State
Level 189Ice Tea
Level 190Blunt
Level 191Terminus
Level 192Italy
Level 193Building
Level 194Water
Level 195Toes
Level 196Time Square
Level 197Fortune
Level 198Underdog
Level 199Jockie
Level 200Dieting
Level 201Tyre
Level 202Illegal
Level 203Sitdown
Level 204Forget
Level 205Sandbox
Level 206Lemonade
Level 207Walnut
Level 208Greenery
Level 209Microscope
Level 210Platinum
Level 211Abroad
Level 212Blanket
Level 213Tricycle
Level 214Cashew
Level 215Shutup
Level 216Paradox
Level 217Millionaire
Level 218What
Level 219Coloring
Level 220Condescending
Level 221Tuesday
Level 222Overtime
Level 223Leftwing
Level 224Forinstance
Level 225Pedigree
Level 226Forgive
Level 227Smallpox
Level 228Bear
Level 229Chart
Level 230Earthworm
Level 231Middleaged
Level 232Offside
Level 233High
Level 234Firepot
Level 235Monsoon
Level 236Ironman
Level 237Inches
Level 238Photoshop
Level 239Twelves
Level 240Concede
Level 241Beast
Level 242Tooth
Level 243Fingers
Level 244Idol
Level 245Keypad
Level 246Lifetime
Level 247Supporting
Level 248Twenty
Level 249Starbucks
Level 250Wand
Level 251Tennis
Level 252Watchman
Level 2537up
Level 254Android
Level 255Outside
Level 256Phone
Level 257Tiger
Level 258Upright
Level 259Great
Level 260Capable
Level 261Highjacking
Level 262Candy
Level 263Beaten
Level 264It
Level 265Upload
Level 266Sample
Level 267Junior
Level 268Icecube
Level 269Blind
Level 270Lion
Level 271Intake
Level 272Rich
Level 273Fourteen
Level 274Online
Level 275Downpipe
Level 276Mate
Level 277Office
Level 278Fifty
Level 279Mango
Level 280Checkout
Level 281Dance
Level 282Simple
Level 283Wheat
Level 284Real
Level 285Capital
Level 286Bitter
Level 287Beast
Level 288Bike
Level 289Lollipop
Level 290Monsoon
Level 291Nerd
Level 292Tire
Level 293Gross
Level 294Empty
Level 295Fancy
Level 296Batch
Level 297Bomb
Level 298Cotton
Level 299Cheeky
Level 300Bonkers
Level 301Bread
Level 302Earth
Level 303Parents
Level 304Blast
Level 305Thirty
Level 306Unicorn
Level 307Interior
Level 308Nobel
Level 309Internet
Level 310Parrot
Level 311Astronaut
Level 312PostOffice
Level 313Sticker
Level 314Altitude
Level 315Camera
Level 316Tales
Level 317Mind
Level 318Coconut
Level 319Python
Level 320Tune
Level 321Capitalist
Level 322Canada
Level 323Cottage
Level 324Artist
Level 325Lawyer


Fun Ways To Think Complete Answers Cheat — 38 Comments

  1. 192 “Italy” (a tall Y)
    There isn’t an “I” to use. I used a hint after filling in “-taly”, and it put a “T” there then indicated the answer was incorrect. I even closed & reopened the game (which puts up a new letter list). No “I”.

  2. Can anyone help me out please, I’m proper stuck on level 250, every cheat says the answer is wand but its not, its 8 letters long and the clue is PE with a small circle just above, I’ve tried so many words but nothing is right and i can’t move up another level, gutted at the no, big thanks in advance.

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