Fun Ways to Think – Phrases Answers Guide

Are you stuck with the game Fun Ways to think? Stuck no more and solve all the puzzles using the best cheat solutions.

Fun Ways to Think PhrasesLevel
1Black Cat
2Hand Ball
3Wrong Foot
4Excuse Me
5Ground Floor
6Outside Chance
8Red Face
9Two In One
10Blue Eyes
11Equal Rights
12Eye To Eye
13Just In Case
14Man Overboard
15Quite Right
16A Big If
17An Inside Job
18Double Agent
19Growing Old
20Last Lady
21Neon Light
22End Of Time
24Left Hand
26Small Talk
27Final Job
28Fire Engine
29High Order
30Red Fingers
32Walking Around
33Generation Gap
34Middle A
35Noon Tea
36Space Invaders
37Pretty Please
38Good Intention
39Low Chair
40Mad Over Donut
41Back Door
42Heart To Heart
43Small Boy
44Broken Promise
45Merry Go Round
46Top Gear
47Rain Forest
48Go After It
49Man Overseas
50Moral Support
51Artic Circle
52High Heels
53No U Turn
54Two Right Feet
55Up For Sale
56Ill In Bed
57Hole In Wall
58Go Long
59No One To Play
61Out For Dinner
62Absolute Zero
63Split Level
64Count On Us
65Nothing Good
66Overnight Stay
67Look Inside
68Foot On Foot
69Growing School
70To See Green

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