Little Lingo Answer Cheats

Little Lingo is another fun word riddle game that quizzes you on the popular terms that we use in the modern day. Test your lingo knowledge by answering all of the Little Lingo questions. If you are stuck with any of the levels, you have come to the right place. We provide the complete Little Lingo cheat solutions all on the same page.

LevelLittle Lingo QuestionsAnswer Cheats
0What are you expressing if you say “THX”?Thanks
1What does “FAVE” mean?Favorite
2Translate: lilLittle
3What does “PLZ” mean?Please
4How do you feel if you text someone this \0/Excited
5What is your “ride”?Car
6What does “haha” mean?Laughing
7What are you rolling on if you “ROFL”?Floor
8What does “some1? mean?Someone
9What would you call an obnoxious person on the internet?Troll
10What do you want when you ask for “P-ZA”?Pizza
11“IRL” stands for what?In real life
12ILYI Love You
13Who is the Hoff?Hasselhoff
14How do you feel if you’re “psyched”?Excited
15What does the “B” in BFF stand for?Best
16Define: derpDumb
17Who is “Ne1??Anyone
18What do you have to do if you “G2G”?Go
19What emotion does this convey? 0_0Disapproval
20If someone tries to sell you something “hot”, how did they get?Stole
21What is a “G1??Good One
22What does “NP” mean?No problem
23If someone is “nuts” what are they?Crazy
24What does the “W” in “YW” stand for?Welcome
26What is “FB”?Facebook
27What are you telling someone if you say “GN”?Good Night
28If you’re in the “slammer” where are you?Jail
29Who is the “Honcho”?Boss
30“Grub” is a term for what?Food
31What does “NM” mean?Never mind
32Who is the girl in the couple known as haylor?Taylor Swift
33What question are you asking if you ask “RU4Realz”?Really
34CYASee You
35If you talk about your “whip” what possession are you referring to?Car
36What does “TOM” mean?Tomorrow
38”W/O” means what?Without
39What might a rapper call those who disapprove of him?Haters
40What does “w/” mean?With
41What am I telling you if it’s NBD ?No Big Deal
42What is a “S/O” on Instagram?Shout Out
43What attribute does an “airhead” have?Dumb
44“noob” is __ to a game or skillNew
45What does the first “W” in “WYWH” stand for?Wish
46“Drawers” is a term for what?Underwear
47What do you want if you need some “chow”?Food
48What does the “K” in IDK stand for?Know
49What are you doing if you’re “vegging out”?Relaxing
50Texting “7K” means what?Sick
51If something is called “bananas” what is it?Crazy
53Toe upUgly
54What does the “K” in “AKA” stand for?Known
55What is a “Chick”?Girl
56If something is “weak sauce” what is it?Bad
57What does the “F” in “FAQ” stand for?Frequently
58If I’m “Hassling” you what am I doing to you?Bothering
59What emotion does this convey?Happy
60Who is the boy in the couple known as bennifer?Ben Affleck
61What does “YR” stand for?Yeah Right
62“BC” stands for what?Because
63If you have “guts” what are you?Brave
64The first “R” in “R&R” stands for what?Rest
65What does “BTW” stand for?By The Way
66How many dollars are in a “grand”?One Thousand
67What is “hype”?Excitement
69What does the “R8? part of “AAR8? mean?Rate
70What is “Insta” short for?Instagram
71If you ask someone for their “A/S/L” what is the “L” that you asking for?Location
72If you “ditch” someone, what do you do to them?Leave
73If something is “J4F” what is it?Just For Fun
74What does “ain’t” mean?Is Not
75If I respond to a question with “NW” what do I mean?No Way
76What action does this symbolize: { ‘}{‘ }Kiss
77What is “ammo”?Ammunition
78“cheesy” means what?Silly
79IDKI Don’t Know
80What does the “L” in “YOLO” stand for?Live
81Whose face in on a “C-Note"Franklin
82What is a “d00d”?Dude
83To “chill” means what?Relax
84What action does this symbolize? o/\oHigh Five
85What does the second “S” in “SYS” mean?Soon
87What kind of an opinion do you have if you say “IMHO”?Humble
88What does this mean? >:-)Evil
89What is a “VM”?Voicemail
90What is “scrilla” another word for?Money
91Translate: FWDForward
92What does “prolly” mean?Probably
93If I “blow” all my money, what have I done with it?Spent
94If you say “ZZZ” in response to something, what are you calling it?Boring
95Define: fo shizzleFor sure
96What does it mean to “w8”?Wait
97What are you if you're “BZ”?Busy
98If I say “XME” what am I telling you?Excuse me
99What does the “L” in “4COL” stand for?Loud
100What does “deez” mean?These
101Translate: B4Before
102If something is “troo”, what is it?1
103What are “abs”?Abdominal
104What happened if you “bombed” a test?Failed
105What is a “RC”?Remote Control
106If someone asks for “ID”, what do they want?Identification
107What does it mean to “PWN” someone?Own
108What is a “BF”?Boyfriend
109A “flick” is what?Movie
110What do you not want someone to do if you tell them: “DJM”?Judge
111Wha does “NESEC” mean?Any Second
112What is an “acc”?Account
113Translate: steezStyle
114What does “diff” mean?Different
115What are you doing if you “LAMFAO”?Laughing
116If I say “WTG”, what am I telling you?Way to go
117What does the “R” stand for in “Rpatz”?Robert
118"RU” stands for what?Are you
119What does the “P” in “PLU” stand for?Peace
120Define: boo-booMistake
121What does the “S” in SMH stand for?Shaking
122What are the “deets”?Details
123What is: TXT MSGText Message
124"Croak” is another word for what?Die
125What does “BRB” stand for?Be Right Back
126If a girl is a “knockout”, what is she?Beautiful
127Translate: QTCutie
128What does it mean if something is “bonkers”?Crazy
129What does the “F's” in “FIFO” stand for?First
130What is someone if they're “DOA”?Dead
131If I tell you “BG”, what am I saying?Be Good
132Define: blingJewelry
133What does “dina” mean in “wuz4dina”?Dinner
134What is the girl in couple known as Julena?Selena Gomez
135What has been used to seal something if it's “SWAK”?Kiss
136If I say I'm going to “hit the sack”, what am I going to do?Sleep
137What does “2moro” mean?Tomorrow
138Translate: B&Banned
139What does the first “T” in “TTG” stand for?Time
140What does the “L” in “RBTL” stand for?Lines
141What is a “GF”?Girlfriend
142If somethiing is “adorbz”, what is it?Adorable
143What does the “H” in “IHU” stand for?Hear
144Define: far outGreat
145What does the “P” in “ASAP” stand for?Possible
146If someone sells you a “boosted” item, how did they get it?Stole
147What does the “M” in “NM, U?” stand for?Much
148If you're “jealz”, what are you?Jealous
149If an adault refers to their “crib”, they are talking about:House
150What does the “C” in “BCNU” mean?Seeing
151If you say something is a “riot”, what is it?Funny
152Translate: WEWhatever
153How long is “4eva”?Forever
154What does “amazeballs” mean?Amazing
155"As if” is another way of saying what?No Way
156Define: Cray CrayCrazy
157What does “aight” mean?All Right
158"Fishy” means that something is:Suspicious
159What is a “benjamin”?Money
160What does it mean if something is “gravy”?Easy
161If you want to punch someone, what kind of sandwich do you offer them?Knuckle
162What does the “V” in “TYVM” mean?Very
163Define: crewFriends
164What do you use to “nuke” food?Microwave
165What does “EVRE1” stand for?Everyone
166Who are you “folks”?Parents
167If something is “chintzy”, what is it?Cheat
168What does it mean to “P/U” something?Pick Up
169"BBQ” stands for:Barbeque
170If I say I need to go to the “can”, where am I going?Bathroom
171Translate: GR8Great
172"KIR” means: Keeping it ____Real
173If someone gets “collared”, what has happened to them?Arrested
174What does the “G” in “DDG” stand for?Gorgeous
175What kind of a problem do I have if I say I have a “PP”?Personal
176What is a “WOT”?Waste of Time
177Translate: crazeballsCrazy
178What does it mean when you say “props” to someone?Good Job
179What do the “X” marks signify in “XOXO”?Kisses
180What does the “T” in “TLC” stand for?Tender
181What are you doing if you 're “popping tags”?Shopping
182Define: DoughMoney
183Where are if you text someone this: I'm at *$"Starbucks
184What does the “L” in “CSL” stand for?Laughing
185If you “ace” a test, ,what grade did you get?A
186What is an “NME”?Enemy
187What am I doing if I “split”?Leave
188If you ask someone for their “addy”, what do you want?Address
189Texting: RUOK means what?Are you OK
190What does the “O” in “OG” stand for?Original
191What is a “Twihard” a fan of?Twilight
192Translate: RUNTSAre you nuts
193If something is “XLNT”, what is it?Excellent
194What body part is a “mug”?Face
195What does the M in “OMG” stand for?My
196Define: Po PoPolice
197Who is the boy in the couple called Kimye?Kanye West
198What does this symbol mean: <3Love
199What is a “let down”?Disappointment
200What does the “S” in “STBY” stand for?Sucks
201What does the “E” in “ETA” stand for?Estimated
202What is a “baller” good at?Basketball
203What does the second “D” in “DND” stand for?Disturb
204Translate: 1337Elite
205Who is “Biebs”?Justin Bieber
206What is the “A” in “PDA”?Affection
207What does the “W” in “YLW” mean?Wife
208"sk8er” means what?Skater
209What does the last “W” in “FWIW” stand for?Worth
210Translate: totesTotally
211What does “fo sho” mean?For Sure
212Define: cheddarMoney
213What does “IG” stand for?Instagram
214If you are “jocking” on someone, what are you doing with them?Flirting
215What were you doing if you get arrested for a “DWI”?Driving
216What is the “I” in “IM”?Instant
217What does “RT” stand for?Real Time
218Define: ickyGross
219What are you doing if you text this: :'(Crying
220What do the tabloids call Robert Pattinson and Kirsten Stewart?Robstew
221If you say “I have a bimmer”, what is it that you own?BMW
222Translate: TCToo Cool
223What does the “Y” in “DIY” stand for?Yourself
224Define: bootleggedStolen
225Before they split up, what were Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes known as?TomKat
226What does the “B” in “DBEYR” stand for?Believe
227If a student is “cramming”, what are they doing?Studying
228"bcuz” means what?Because
229Translate: S^What's up
230What does the “V” in “POV” stand for?View
231Define: foxySexy
232If you say “tru dat”, you are telling someone that you:Agree
233What does “2QT” stand for?Too Cute
234What is a “vibe”?Vibration
235If I tell you the club is “dead”, what am I saying iti s?Empty
236Texting: ooo means what?Surprise
237What does the second “W” in “WWW” stand for?Wide
238Define: RugWig
239What does the “L” in TTYL stand for?Later
240Translate: H8Hate
241Define: PosseFriends
242What do the “N's” in “WWNN” stand for?Nudge
243What is “J” in “WWJD”?Jesus
244What does the “C” in “IDC” stand for?Care
245Texting: ^5 means what?High Five
246What do you have too much of it you say “TMI”?Information
247"2nite” means what?Tonight
248If someone has “BO”, what do they have?Body Odor
249Translate: ;]Wink
250What does it mean to “backstab” somebody?Betray
251What are you bringing to an event that's “BYOB”?Beer
252Define: RawNew
253What might you tell someone to do if you don't believe them?Shut up
254Who is “Kstew”?Kristin Stewart
255What does “RB” in RB@ya” mean?Right Back
256What is: “NRG"Energy
257If I “dig” something do I like it or dislike it?Like
258"Gorg” means what?Gorgeous
259What does the “P” stand for in “hundo P”?Percent
260Translate: Ne-WayzAnyways
261What does the second “L” in “LOL” mean?Loud
262“Hella” means what?Hell Of A
263What does it mean to “diss” someone?Disrespect
264What are you using if you “tweet” something?Twitter
265If I ask “what's the damage?” what am I asking about?Price
266Translate: U2You Too
267What does the “F” in “PMF” stand for?French
268What attribute defines a “klutz”?Clumsy
269Texting: ###.. means that you are what?Sick
270If something is “OT” what is it?Off Topic
271What do you want someone to do if you ask them to “CM”?Call Me
272What's “eating” you means what?Bothering
273What does the “fed” stand for in “Kfed”?Federline
274If someone is “packing heat” what are they carrying?Gun
275What am I doing if I say “JK”?Just Kidding
276What are you feeling if you are 🙁Sad
277What can you do if you say “ICW”?Wait
278What does the “H” in “Ne2H” stand for?Have
279What is “off to you” if I say “MHOTY”?Hat
280When someone asks to “crash” at your house, what do they want to do there?Sleep
281Translate: whatevsWhatever
282What might high schoolers call an undercover cop at their school?Narc
283What does the “N” in “B4N” stand for?Now
284Define: legitLegitimate
285What does it mean if something is “Iffy”?Uncertain
286If someone just got out of the “joint” where have they been?Jail
287What do the cool kids call Brag Pitt and Angelina Jolie?Brangelina
288“Ice” is another word for ________Diamonds
289What do you have if you have “skillz”?Skills
290What does the “M” in “WOM” stand for?Mouth
291Define: spudPotato
292Translate: ICI See
293What does it mean if something is “bogus”?Fake
294What is a “Blkbry”?Blackberry
295What emotion are you expressing when you say you're “stoked”?Excited
296What does the “B” at the end of “BRB” stand for?Back
297What two words make up “frenemy”?Friendenemy
298What does “L8R” stand for?Later
299What baked good describes what happens when jeans are too tight near the waist?Muffintop
300Define: welpOhwell
301Translate: fooFool
302What is “D” if you say: “Hit me up when D”Done
303What's the short term for “idiomatic expression”?Lingo


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