Riddle Me That – Guess the Word One Liners Answers

Riddle Me That – Guess the Word has a new release featuring one-liner riddles. We have compiled a list of all the answers for the riddles to help you cheat if you are stuck. Please let us know if we have made any mistakes! Enjoy our database to walk you through all the riddles answers sheets.

Riddle Me That. Guess the Word One-Liners LevelsOne Liners RiddlesAnswer
One-liners 1-1Do what he says and you’ll be fine, don’t and you lose the game.Simon
One-liners 1-2A precious fluid, thicker than water.Blood
One-liners 1-3It has 8 arms and lots of ink but can’t write a word.Octopus
One-liners 1-4They swim around in schools or pods and they are related to whales.Dolphin
One-liners 1-5They’re big and blue, and larger than seasOceans
One-liners 1-6Something we eat, and misspell as meet.Meat
One-liners 1-7You row in one while you float.Boat
One-liners 1-8Delicious but said to be a lie.Cake
One-liners 1-9It is worldwide, but once only a spider could weave one.Web
One-liners 1-10Everybody’s got one.Secret
One-liners 1-11A king wears one on his head.Crown
One-liners 1-12There’s on in every deck of cards and in a famous movie.Joker
One-liners 1-13It nukes food at the touch of a button.Microwave
One-liners 1-14A building where people and stories are on stage.Theatre
One-liners 1-15An art-form and a web-browser.Opera
One-liners 1-16A metal snake that runs on tracks.Train
One-liners 1-17It can be clear like water, but it burns like fire.Alcohol
One-liners 1-18Religion’s greatest enemy.Science
One-liners 1-19It’s real until the trick is revealed.Magic
One-liners 1-20It has the biggest wall and is also used when drinking tea.China
One-liners 2-1Once they sailed the sea, now they surf the web.Pirates
One-liners 2-2Said to have fifty shades.Grey
One-liners 2-3The negative hero in each story.Villain
One-liners 2-4Noah survived one and it was great.Flood
One-liners 2-5A building filled with books you can't buy.Library
One-liners 2-6It's not madness.Sparta
One-liners 2-7A colourful bird that talks.Parrot
One-liners 2-8You can break it or drink water from it.Glass
One-liners 2-9Cut the wrong wire and it goes boom.Bomb
One-liners 2-10It breathes fire in fairy-tales.Dragon
One-liners 2-11Small and bearded, both in the real world and in stories.Dwarf
One-liners 2-12Our ancestors came from this continent.Africa
One-liners 2-13It's black and every time it speaks it says its name.Crow
One-liners 2-14A big shiny black car nobody wants to be a passenger in.Hearse
One-liners 2-15They live only in stories, taller than three storeys.Giants
One-liners 2-16Soldiers fight it but never changes.War
One-liners 2-17Sheets of paper that tell new stories each day.Newspaper
One-liners 2-18It's what light turns into in the night.Darkness
One-liners 2-19An art-form and its colourful result.Painting
One-liners 2-20Man's most important invention.Fire
One-liners 3-1A canvas full of stars.Sky
One-liners 3-2The most beautiful and useless of human acts.Art
One-liners 3-3War fought with pieces on a board.Chess
One-liners 3-4As strong as love, more dangerous than cancer.Hate
One-liners 3-5A tower at the root of all confusion.Babel
One-liners 3-6Its title means book.Bible
One-liners 3-7A huge mythical animal said to resemble a whale.Leviathan
One-liners 3-8A blackbird similar to, but much bigger than a crow.Raven
One-liners 3-9Blind but cruel.Justice
One-liners 3-10It's only good if people laugh at it.Joke
One-liners 3-11He dies for people's entertainment.Gladiator
One-liners 3-12A king without a crown.Lion
One-liners 3-13You have it even if there is none.Hope
One-liners 3-14It's a game played by serious people that takes place on a global scale.Politics
One-liners 3-15An image taken from real life.Photo
One-liners 3-16This small creature kills even the largest one.Bacteria
One-liners 3-17A person's greatest asset.Intelligence
One-liners 3-18You get one if you miss one at golf.Stroke
One-liners 3-19You're currently trying to solve one.Riddle
One-liners 3-20If it is absolute, it will corrupt absolutely.Power


Riddle Me That – Guess the Word One Liners Answers — 16 Comments

  1. Some of these are stupid, some of them are wrong, a couple of them are offensive and very few of these are good. What am I? These one liners! The Riddles were good, the rhymes were okay, but this was horrible! What happened to Riddle Me That?

  2. Help- need answers to what’s the word?-3
    its not the picture version, it words
    For example, the clue is Gate Jelly- need answer

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