Riddle Me That – Guess the Word (Rhymes) Cheats

Riddle Me That – Guess the Word is the latest riddle game by Itch Mania. The game has just been updated with a new category, Rhymes! We have provided the entire answer cheat sheet to help you beat the stage if you are stuck.

Riddle Me That. Guess the Word (Rhyme) LevelsRhyme RiddlesAnswer
Rhymes 1-1White fat and fluffy, May even look like a puppy. Seems heavy but is light, Floats about without a worry, But if it turns dark you have to hurry!Cloud
Rhymes 1-2It’s tough as nails, Or soft as snow. People use it for their rink, Some just put in their drink.Ice
Rhymes 1-3You roll it or you buy it, People say you shouldn’t try it, Because you may get a stroke, From inhaling all that smoke.Cigarette
Rhymes 1-4It can be in a hat, Or out of the bag. If you see it you’ll be smitten, ‘Cause it’s fluffy like a mitten.Cat
Rhymes 1-5It can be white or blue or black, Humped or have a horn. And when it talks it sings its menuets, as it’s travelling the depths.Whale
Rhymes 1-6They keep secrets locked away. And you pass through them each day. For each one there is a key, They respond to sesame.Doors
Rhymes 1-7A mysterious, fantastic creature, It has one defining feature, And for humans at their worst, In their eyes it’s just a horse.Unicorn
Rhymes 1-8It’s voice is like a burp, Will swallow with a slurp, You’ll never hear it chirp. Kiss it with a wince, Might turn into a prince.Frog
Rhymes 1-9You deal with them and they deal chance, They show you your future at a glance. You play them and they play you back, And win or lose, They go back in their pack.Cards
Rhymes 1-10You fill it and it empties, A metaphor for plenty, Depending on what half you see, It’s either full or empty.Cup
Rhymes 1-11A wonderful elixir, It is your fluid fixer. Gulp it down and turn like a concrete mixer. Dark as night and sweet as sin, It’s like liquid heroin.Coffee
Rhymes 1-12Lots of them make up a word, And lots of words are in them. It’s easy when you think about it. A while ago we stamped and mailed them.Letters
Rhymes 1-13It’s round but also like a chess-board. It can and is both whirled and curled, And bent and shot and parried. Some play it on a field or watch it on the couch, And anyone can play it, even Peter Crouch.Football
Rhymes 1-14Some women don’t like to be called that, Yet every woman wants one. It cries and makes a lot of noise, But smiles and gurgles when you give it toys.Baby
Rhymes 1-15He’s big, old and fluffy, And looking rather scruffy. He always needs a shave. It’s best to just avoid him, And leave him in his cave.Bear
Rhymes 1-16It’s like a forrest without trees, Like a jail you want to visit. Though the inmates did no wrong. You may freely walk along, They’re put there so you can see them, Just as long as you don’t feed them.Zoo
Rhymes 1-17Without it sounds would not be there, But through it music’s ring is clear. It is a symbol for your woe, But only if your name’s van Gogh.Ear
Rhymes 1-18It is a symphony of noise, It can produce both grief and joys, It is inspiring and grand, Made by a person or a band.Music
Rhymes 1-19It flows out of the soil, It burns you if it boils, And holds us in its coils, More valuable than gold, As black as it is old.Oil
Rhymes 1-20A house where you are brought, If they find you or get caught. If you cross the government, This is where you will be sent.Jail
Rhymes 2-1A third from the sun, and not much else since the world’s begun. Some may weigh a metric ton. Is a synonym for fun. Made a zeppelin take flight. A big thing at Isle of Wight.Rock
Rhymes 2-2They’re big and yet so far away, We see them at the end of day. They’re small and they’re above. We see them when we close our eyes, Each time we are in love.Stars
Rhymes 2-3When it shines, its light is hazy. Makes the oceans swell like crazy. It makes moods seem more romantic, But it makes the ladies frantic.Moon
Rhymes 2-4Sometimes you feel it weigh a ton. Yet it is nothing, but somehow still there. Makes you uncomfortable around anyone, But speak its name and it’s gone.Silence
Rhymes 2-5Known as a great deceiver, It is evil’s incarnation, Once used for veneration, The root of all procreation. All you can do is shiver, When it begins to slither.Snake
Rhymes 2-6Used to wield power and glory, yet results were rather gorey, When it wrote our human story. In the eyes of wiser men, it is weaker than a pen.Sword
Rhymes 2-7It’s small but larger than a bee, And agile as a flea. It humms but does not buzz, And it’s not covered with fuzz. It is a small collector, Of juicy flower nectar.Hummingbird
Rhymes 2-8Is said to make the world go around, But only if we let it. It puts a value on a thing, And makes you do some crazy things, Just so you can get it.Money
Rhymes 2-9It keeps something that cannot be kept, And wakes you when you’ve slept. It may go slow or stop at times, But even then it chimes.Clock
Rhymes 2-10So beautiful and cold, So young and yet so old, Alive but always dead, Still hungry when has fed, Will die if it is bled, Or you cut off its head.Vampire
Rhymes 2-11It speaks to you, yet it can’t speak. When you hold it you can travel, in your mind’s eye worlds unravel. And everything in it’s a lie. And with every new untruth, still you feel it speaks the truth.Book
Rhymes 2-12It moves around in circles. We see it as we turn. It keeps us always warm. Always alive and always dying, Across the sky we see it flying, But touch it and we burn.Sun
Rhymes 2-13It passes but you never hear it. Sometimes though, you think you feel it. You think you had it but it’s gone. You want to stop it, but it moves on. You lose it, gain it, maybe fear it, but it goes on, forever on.Time
Rhymes 2-14A most delicious thing. It can be given but cannot be kept. Some awake from it after they’ve slept. It is the moistest and softest butterfly wing, But when it is the last even it can sting.Kiss
Rhymes 2-15It hisses but it’s not a snake. It holds water but it’s not a lake. When it’s done you hear it scream. Pour from it and add some cream.Teapot
Rhymes 2-16It was a tradition long ago, When the world was dark and full of woe. When men turned darkness into light, By mixing, melting and decanting in the night, To seek for youth and gold and riches, Just to be burned as witches.Alchemy
Rhymes 2-17They make no sense at all, In them you either fly or fall. They make you do it all. Their need is biologic, but they are most illogic. They are not real but still can be achieved, If they are just believed.Dreams
Rhymes 2-18It’s a symbol and a fruit, For man’s folly, evil’s root. But also for great inspiration, and famous application.Apple
Rhymes 2-19It is more feared than fear itself, And no one can escape it. It takes no sides and does not judge, it does not know to hold a grudge. It is the most clearest result, Of how life beats you by default.Death
Rhymes 2-20It is a sound of empty, speak and it’ll talk back plenty. But all the more you yack, you’ll get the same words back.Echo
Rhymes 3-1Written on with words of white, Has the color of the night, Is the teacher’s best delight, And a student’s daily fright.Blackboard
Rhymes 3-2Words come out of it, Aligned in perfect silence. A messenger of black on white, A slinky fellow drawing lines, Of thin and soft graphite.Pencil
Rhymes 3-3The ones who see it may go blind, Contracting the fool’s madness. You have to dig to find it, Crush big stones or mine it. Wash dirt clumps in a pan and wait for it to settle, A shiny, precious metal.Gold
Rhymes 3-4His is no small athletic feat, Has to stay nimble on his feet, To fight and his opponents beat, And taste sweet victory, not grim defeat.Boxer
Rhymes 3-5It is destruction made out of thin air, You hear it howl and give a prayer, Through barns and houses it will tear. It is a deadly funnel, Of violent and twisting air.Hurricane
Rhymes 3-6Ancient and majestic, great big piles of stones, Used to encase both riches and bones. Seen from certain angles, They look like big triangles.Pyramids
Rhymes 3-7It starts at the earth’s end and brink, Filled with water you can’t drink. Has a color, just like ink, Walk into it and you’ll sink.Sea
Rhymes 3-8An utensil used for bread. Also a paper cutter. Used by a thug to take a life, Or wielded by the tamest wife, When used to spread the butter.Knife
Rhymes 3-9It is a big and bulky mammal, And has a trunk just like a tree. Will store water in its nose, Which is long and like a hose.Elephant
Rhymes 3-10Black and scary, small and hairy. In the night you hear it preach, Through its noisy high pitched screech.Bat
Rhymes 3-11Small, containing light, You’ll need it in the dark, It will provide that spark, and shine into the night. Will light up any pyre, ’Cause it can help make a fire.Lighter
Rhymes 3-12Comes in bits and pieces, Put together forms a whole. It’s athletics for the mind, The more you think the more you find, Sometimes it can be a grind, But then, that is the goal.Puzzle
Rhymes 3-13Given them to the girls whenever, And they’ll be best friends forever. Shiny, pretty stones, Bought with massive loans.Diamonds
Rhymes 3-14A most complex construction, Of creation and destruction, Of good and evil deeds, Of noblest thought and basest needs, A species in the lead, Immortal ’til we bleed.Humans
Rhymes 3-15It holds no blessings in disguise. Its rhymes are aimed at your demise, it’s cast only to ruin, Whatever you are doin’.Curse
Rhymes 3-16An outcome already written, Fight it and you’ll be smitten. By it you may be blessed, Or put up to the test, And take you places you’d have never guessed.Destiny.
Rhymes 3-17It is a cat but not a kitty, You’ll never catch on in a city. Its fangs are huge and so its claws, A death machine with paws and jaws. In its own way a royal fellow, Striped with black and clothed in yellow.Tiger
Rhymes 3-18It gives everything and then takes it away, It governs destinies and fates, It changes and it never waits, It rules the cards and dice each day, Is part of any game we play.Chance
Rhymes 3-19Both punishment and sweet reward, It will befall both fool and lord. It is a spiritual scoreboard, Your every deed it does record.Karma
Rhymes 3-20It floats over the land, It cuts the tallest mountain, Its voice is like a fountain, Its body like a snake, Will flow into a lake.River


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