Riddle Quiz Cheats

Riddle Quiz is another fun riddle guessing game on the mobile phone. In this complete one page cheat sheet, we have included all of the answers to the popular Riddle Quiz game. You can use the search function to quickly narrow down the riddle answers that you are looking for. In addition, you can change the numbers of all solutions that you can view.

Have fun getting all of the riddles right fast with our solution database!

LevelRiddle Quiz
1I can be caught but not thrownCold
2I can travel the world without leaving my corner. What am I?Stamp
3What can be measured but not seen?Time
4What is always coming but never really arrives?Tomorrow
5If you have me, you want to share me. But if you share me, you’ll lose me. What am I?Secret
6I am a three letter word. Add two more letters and you’ll have fewer. What word am I?Few
7What has a tongue but no mouth?Shoe
8I can run but not walk, have a mouth but can’t talk, and a bed but I do not sleep. What am I?River
9I weigh nothing, but you can see me, and if you put me in a bucket, I’ll make it lighterHole
10I can be told, I can be played. I can be cracked, and I can be made. What am I?Joke
11What kind of coat is best put on wet?Paint
12What animal jumps when it walks, and sits when it stands? Kangaroo
13What surrounds everyplace, is the beginning of the end, and the end of time and space? E
14I can be found in seconds, minutes and centuries, but not in days, years or decadesN
15The more of this you have the less you see. What is it?Darkness
16What has a head and tail but no limbs or body?Coin
17What grows when fed but dies when watered?Fire
18What is lighter than what it is made of?Ice
19What has many keys but unlocks no doors?Piano
20What looks back but cannot see?Reflection
21What is it that can have the whole taken from it and still be left with some?Wholesome
22What kind of nail can be grown?Fingernail
23What has a neck but no head and two arms but no hands?Shirt
24The more of these you take, the more you leave behind. What are they?Footsteps
25What is never thirsty but always drinking and alive but never breathing?Fish
26What is lighter than air but can never be lifted?Bubble
27If you drop me, I’ll crack, but if you smile, I’ll smile back. What am I?Mirror
28I do not speak, but there is no word I cannot make. What am I?Alphabet
29What has an end but no beginning, a home but no family, and a space without room?Keyboard
30What never asks questions but receives a lot of answers?Telephone
31What stays on the ground but never gets dirty?Shadow
32What surrounds the world yet exists in a thimbleSpace
33What happens four times in every week, twice every month and once in a year? E
34I’m tall in the morning and short in the noon. I disappear at night but I will be back soonShadow
35What breaks in the water but never on land?Wave
36What do you throw out to use and take in when you’re done?Anchor
37What kind of room has no doors or windows?Mushroom
38What can be broken without being touched?Promise
39What starts with and ends with ‘e’ but only has one letter in it?Envelope
40If you take off my skin, I will not cry, but you will. What am I?Onion
41What goes up and down without moving?Temperature
42What can be filled with empty hands?Gloves
43What gets served but never eaten?Tennis Ball
44I cannot be used until I have been broken. What am I?Egg
45What word is pronounced the same even after removing 4 of its 5 letters? Queue
46What cries without a voice, flutters without wings, and bites without a mouth?Wind
47What do the poor have that the rich need, and if you eat it, you will die?Nothing
48What is pronounced as one letter, written with three, and is the same forwards and backwards? Eye
49What can be seen but not touched?Shadow
50How can the letters OWONDER be rearranged to make one word?One word
51What falls but never breaks?Night
52What breaks without falling?Day
53I have four legs, one head, and a foot. What am I?Bed
54What has fingers and a thumb but no hand?Glove
55What can be any size or shape and gets bigger the more you take from it?Hole
56I have a face but no eyes and hands but no arms. What am I?Clock
57What does everyone have that goes up but never comes down?Age
58What makes my left hand my right?Mirror
59I am made of the stuff around me but lighter than it. I am more hidden than seen. What am I?Iceberg
60Where can you add 2 to 11 and get 1?Clock
61My maker doesn’t want me, my buyer doesn’t use me and my user will never see me Coffin
62What is better than the best thing and worse than the worst thing?Nothing
63What should you keep after giving?Your Word
64What has a ring but no fingers?Telephone
65I have been around for millions of year, but I am never more than a month old Moon
66What can go up the chimney down but can’t go down the chimney up?Umbrella
67I am put on a table, cut, but never eatenCards
68What is full of holes but still holds water?Sponge
69This man has married many but has never been marriedPriest
70Not my sister nor my bother but still the child of my motherMyself
71Many hear me, but no one sees me, and I only speak when spoken toEcho
72I never was but am always to be, and everyone looks forward to meFuture
73What goes up and down the stairs without moving? Rug
74There are millions of me. I am very small but when moving fast I am deadly?Sand
75What comes down but never back goes up?Rain
76Tall when I’m young but short when I’m oldCandle
77What goes up when the rain comes down?Umbrella
78What word becomes shorter when you add two letters to it Short
79I have two hands but cannot clapClock
80If you walk into a cabin with a match, a kerosene lamp and a fireplace, which do you light first?Match
81how many months have 28 day?Twelve
82I have an eye but cannot see. What I am?Needle
83what can go through tows and over hills without moving?Road
84what loses its head every morning only to get it back every night?Pillow
85I am a word with six letters. Subtract 1 of these letters and you have 12. what am I?Dozens
86what goes up and down without moving?Stairs
87A farmer has 17 sheep and all but 9 run away. how many are left?Nine
88I can shave everyday but my beard will stay. who am I? Barber
89what grows in winter, dies in summer and grows roots upward?Icicle
90how far can you walk into the woods?Halfway
91I am your mother’s brother’s only brother in law. who am I?Father
92feathers help me fly, but I am not alive. what am I?Arrow
93what word contains all 26 letter?Alphabet
94taken from a mine and shut in a wooden case, and yet used by almost everybody. what am I?Lead
95how many $5 bills are in a dozen?Twelve
96what has a neck but no head?Bottle
97what eight letter word has kst in middle, in the beginning and at the end? Inkstand
98before Mt. Everest was discovered, what was the tallest mountain in the world?Mt. Everest
99What always comes into the house through the keyhole?Key
100I am everywhere but cannot be seen captured or held, only heard, what am I?Voice
101what is bought by the yard and worn by the foot?Carpet
102I have a metal roof and glass wall. I burn and burn but never fall. what am I?Lantern
103I am liquid in nature but don’t me to far, for then I may break and my damage may scar Glass
104what has four legs and a back but no body?Chair
105what must take a bow before it can speak?Violin
106what has one foot on each side and one in the middle?Yardstick
107what word can be written forward, backward or upside downNoon
108nightly they come without being fetched? What are they?Stars
109what falls when thrown up but rises when thrown down?Ball
110you can swallow me, but I can also swallow youWater
111how many bricks does it take to finish a brick building?One
112you use this from your head to your toes. the more you use it the thinner it growsSoap
113what has a tongue but cannot talk, gets around a lot but cannot walk?Shoe
114what goes with a car, comes with a car, is no use to a car, but the car can’t move without it?Noise
115how many seconds are there in a year?Twelve
116what binds two people yet touches only one?Ring
117I am larger than castle, lighter than air, yet a thousand men could not move meShadow
118it stand on one leg and have my heart in my headCabbage
119I sleep by day and fly at night, but I have no feathers to aid my flightBat
120I am round as a bowl, deep as a tub, but all the world’s water couldn’t fill me upSieve
121What is found once in a second, once in a minute, twice in a millennium, but never in a year?N
122They are dark and always on the run. But without the sun, there would be none. they areShadows
123What does someone else have to take before you can get?Photograph
124When filled I can point the way. But when empty unmoving I stay. What am I? Glove
125What runs but cannot walk?Nose
126What has teeth but no mouth?Saw
127I carry my home on my back. I am not rich, but I leave silver in my track. What am I?Snail
128what has four legs but no feet and two arms but no hand?Chair
129What disappears if you say its name?Silence
130I cab be full, but I will never spill. I disappear at times, but return I always will. What am I?Moon
131What has no beginning or end and nothing in the middle?Doughnut
132What has one foot but no body?Ruler
133If you have me, you want to share me. But if you share me, you lose me. What am I?Secret
134What is the only animal without the ability to fly but still does?Man
135What flies when it born, lies while it is alive, and runs when it dies? Snowflake
136I cannot be felt or moved, but as you come closer, I get more distant. What am IHorizon
137What did Adam and Eve lack that everyone else has? Parents
138I am bigger than elephant but lighter than a feather. What am I?Wind
139For most, I am fast. For others, I am slow. An obsession to all, I make the world go. What am I?Time
140When they are caught they are thrown away when they escape you itch What am I?Fleas
141There is an old invention still used today that allows one to look through walls. What is it?Window
142What is red, blue, purple and green that no one can reach, not even the queen?Rainbow
143What is brown and has a head and a tail but no legs? Penny
144What is yours, but your friends use it more than you do?Your Name
145If you have three oranges and take away two, how many will you have?Two
146I am weightless, yet no man can hold me for long. What am I?Breath
147What is round, has a twin, and sees more than most?Eye
148This is a shape and a symbol that we literally cannot live without. What is it?Heart
149I dance and sing in the breeze, but I have neither voice nor feet. What am I?Tree
150Neither bought nor sold but more valuable than gold. It is built but not by hand. What is it?Trust
151In the ground I am nothing, but give me time and I’ll be something. What am I?Seed
152What can provide food before it is alive, while it is alive and after it’s dead?Chicken
153What hangs in the sky by day but at night goes away?Sun
154Without me where would you be? I am not your eyes, but I help you see. What am I?Light
155What points the way without a hand. It floats on water but exists on land?Compass
156What has four wings but cannot fly and uses the wind but does not know why?Windmill
157A locked sphere without hinges or key. Break me open and golden treasures you’ll seeEgg
158My life only lasts hours as I quickly become devoured. Fast or slow, wind is my foe. What am I?Candle
159If you held me for too long, you would die. What am I?Breath
160The day before two days after the day before tomorrow is Saturday. What day is it today?Friday
161Glittering points that downward thrust. Sparkling spears that do not rust. What is it?Icicle
162What makes a loud noise when changing its jacket and get larger in the process but weighs less after?Popcorn
163What is green, has four legs, no tail, and usually heard at night?Frog
164Man greatly desires me. I am easily beaten but never free. What am I?Gold
165What is seen in the water and in the sky? It is part of the rainbow and can be in your eye.Blue
166You will hear me again. I will not appear until you call me.Echo
167What is gentle enough to soothe the skin and light enough to exist in the sky but strong enough to break rocks?Water
168I will not be what I am until the man who made me dies. What am I?Prince
169What do people need but always give away?Money
170You don't want this, but if you have it, you don't want to lose it. What is it?Lawsuit
171Men walk over me but boats go under me. What am I?Bridge
172I am too much for one but not enough for two. Give me to a third and I am gone. What am I?Secret
173What holds names and memories which are not its own?Gravestone
174What can be hot or cold and appears blue but is really red?Blood
175Bill's mom has four kids: Mary, John, and Alice. What is the name of her fourth child?Bill
176It is able to speak because it has a hard gone. You know what it is as soon as it has sung. What is it?Bell
177What is flat, usually square, and made from trees but isn't wood?Paper
178I am very large but look very small. When night falls, I am cherished by all. What am I?Star
179I am hot then cold, a liquid then solid, and I am at once flaky and wet. What am I?Wax
180Never swallowed but certainly chewed, tossed in the mouth but it is not food. What is it?Gum
181What building has the most stories?Library
182What becomes whiter the dirtier it gets?Chalkboard
183What turns everything around but does not move?Mirror
184What is something you can hold without ever touching?Breath
185I am sometimes white but usually black. I take you there, but I never bring you back. What am I?Hearse
186I have roads but no pavement, rivers but no water, and cities but no buildings. What am I?Map
187What is filled with air and sometimes a gas, tied to a string and often seen on your birthday?Balloon
188What vegetable is never sold canned, frozen, or cooked, only fresh?Lettuce
189What can be played with no rules and no winners or losers?Instruments
190What is eaten but not grown and was born in water but will disappear if soaked?Salt
191I come in many shapes and colors. I sing in the breeze but only live 7 months. What am I?Leaf
192Born from a fountain of wealth, I am black instead of gold but valued the same. What am I?Oil
193A container holding water but not a cup. If you want to find me, look up. What am I?Coconut
194What comes from an egg and peels like a fruit? It can sizzle like bacon and slender to boot.Snake
195What is always wet but never rusts and often held but mostly untouched?Tongue
196My life is a volume of joy and grief, but I need your help to turn a new leaf. What am I?Book
197What weakens a man for hours each day and presents you strange visions while you're away?Sleep
198I am set in white but colored myself. I have no words, but I reveal much. What am I?Eye
199I am wingless but airborne, and when I meet your gaze tears will fall from your eyes. What am I?Smoke
200My treasures are golden and guarded by thousands amongst a maze no man can enter. What am I?Beehive
201What travels from house to house and is sometimes narrow and sometimes wide but always stays outside?Path
202What has a brown coat, a long tail, and lives in house or shed but most active while you're in bed?Mouse
203A place with substance and story, where many masquerade to there glory. What am I?Stage
204What has no arms, hands, or legs but moves the earth?Worm
205I have a red cap on my head and a stone in my throat my sweetness is something of note. What am I?Cherry
206You may have many of me but never enough. After the last one arrives you will have no more. What am I?Birthday
207What devours all and can kill a king. Destroy a town and crushes mountains down?Time
208If I turn my head, you may go where you want, but if I turn again, you could stay and rot. What am I?Key
209As your ideas grow, I shrink. What am I?Pencil
210I am partly blind but can still see. I have legs but use them only for sleeping? What am I?Bat
211What is something yet nothing, but if you fill it up it will disappear?Hole
212Even though I am far from the point and make no mistakes of my own, I fix yours. What am I?Eraser
213I am not alive but seem so, because I dance and breathe with no legs or lungs of my own. What am I?Flame
214I am blinding at times yet help you see. I am necessary, but you'll burn with too much of me. What am I?Sunlight
215I am at your hand when it is dark and hidden away in the light. What am I?Flashlight
216I have arms but cannot carry a thing. But wave at me and I wave back at you. What am I?Reflection
217What covers its face with its hands, speaks no language, yet most known what it's saying?Clock
218Its thunder comes before lightning, it's lightning before clouds, and its rain dries all it touches. What is it?Volcano
219I am found by the ocean and offer you a bed. Whether you want me or not, to your house I am led?Sand
220Born in a shell I adorn your neck. What am I?Pearl
221A man without bones whose flesh is cold. A man unthinking who is always shrinking. Who is he?Snowmen
222What has armor but is not a knight, snaps but is not a twig, and is always at home even on the move?Turtle
223I have two legs, but they only touch the ground while I'm at rest. What am I?Wheelbarrow
224I enclose you in darkness but allow you to see many things. If you resist me, you're likely to get rings. What am I?Sleep
225I can feel any space, float, and disappear. Never touching the ground I help others get around. What am I?Gas
226I am black as night but can be filled with light. Through me things can be seen, although it is a screen. What am I?Television
227Green on the outside but red and black inside. I am food but mostly liquid. What am I?Watermelon
228I am part of the bird that is not in the sky. I can swim in the water but always stay dry. What am I?Shadow
229What build its house with earthen string and ensnares its prey with a biting sting?Spider
230What traps a star in its belly but can be held in your hand?Apple
231I am a container with an inside golden that can't be opened unless I am broken. What am I?Egg
232What runs distances and make many turns along the way, yet it never moves one foot?Watch
233I can fill a house or fill your mouth but you can never catch me in your hands. What am I?Smoke
234What is part of you and all around you but if it entangles you, it will kill you?Water
235I remain unseen but hold many things, and when you are making a decision you consult me. What am I?Mind
236I am sometimes yellow and sometimes white. Half of me is dark and the other is light. What am I?Moon
237I am always with my partner, and I make noise that you never see me create. What am I?Thunder
238I have a long tail that I let fly. Every time I go through a gap, I leave a bit of my tail in the trap. What am I?Needle
239You take my clothes off when you put your clothes on. What am I?Hanger
240I am bushy headed but have no air. No moisture will not enter my skin, but it's good at keeping it in. What am I?Tree
241Place your fingers in my eyes, and I will open my jaws to devour paper and cloth. What am I?Scissors
242In the morning I sing on feathered wing. I soar through the air without a care. What am I?Bird
243What has four legs but cannot move without help?Chair
244Add me to myself and multiply by 4. Divide me by 8 and you will have me once more. What number am I?Any number
245Four years ago. Alex was twice as old as Jake. Four years from now. Jake will be 3/4 of Alex's age. How old is Alex?Twelve
246We are two brothers on opposite sides of the road, but we never see each other. Who are we?Eyes
247What can your pocket hold while it is completely empty?Hole
248What can be a tree but also part of your hand?Palm
249We total ten, but two we make. When we are together people may quake. What are we?Fists
250What is used by man, tossed by trees, everywhere but unseen?Air
251This can only be given and never bought, it is craved by sinners but by saints it is not? What is it?Forgiveness
252I have two bodies, but I am joined into one. I sit still, but when flipped I run. What am I?Hourglass
253Man walks over, and man swims under. It times of war, it can be burned asunder? What is it?Bridge
254This is a paradox to some. The worse it is the better it becomes. What is it?Pun
255I may be dropped in dry, but I come out wet. The longer I stay, the stronger I get. What am I?Teabag
256Where force can't get through, I with a gentle movement do. What am I?Key
257I have no end and am the ending of all that begins. What am I?Death
258Kings and Queens have power; the jack and jester they call. But what is the trump who overtakes them all?Ace
259What speeds on a track but isn't in a race and has a whistle to announce its steady pace?Train
260This has no beginning, middle or end, and all the greatest thinkers see it but can't comprehend. What is it?Space
261What comes once a day but leaves every morning?Night
262Of these everyone has ten, part of two wholes at the arms end. What are they?Fingers
263In the forest, this blends in just right, but every December it is covered with lights. What is it?Evergreen
2642 people in front of 2 people. 2 people behind 2 people, and 2 people beside 2 people. How many people are there?Four
265I am the number nine you see. Before 100, how many will you count of me?Twenty
266I am long and thin and make things right. I will repair your mistake but watch my bite. What am I?Needle
267I can fill a room but take up no space. Look out at night, and I am in no place. What am I?Light
268I give life for my own, have a beginning, but my end is unknown. What am I?Sun
269What can speak without a tongue and listen without ears?Telephone
270Round like a cup but deep like a well. To make it sing, you must pull its tail. What is it?Bell
271They can float and tickle, but their sound is rarely heard unless you're a pillow or bird. What are they?Feathers
272I live in the corn, and my job is to deter. Free from pests your crops I assure. What am I?Scarecrow
273A hand without flesh and nothing can I hold. My grip cannot be used until I am sold. What am I?Gloves
274Pointing North, South, East, and West it saves the lost and helps the rest. What is it?Compass
275Usually green but can be brown. It's a great place to play or lie down. What is it?Grass
276A circle of stones, never in rows. Stacked one on the other, mystery it sows. What is it?Stonehenge
277Through its wounds, water does run. It once held many but now has none. What is it?Shipwreck
278A beacon from home to guide your way. It can be a lifesaver on a stormy day. What is it?Lighthouse
279What travels from coast to coast without ever moving?Highway
280You can't live without doing this, and we all do it at the same time. Yet many wish it wasn't happening. What is it?Aging
281What kind of table has no legs?Periodic
282What has numbers on the outside but letters inside?Mailbox
283In a tree you'll find me moving slow as can be. My name is a sin but from them I am free. What am I?Sloth
284A father's and mother's child I am one, but I am no one's son. Who am I?Daughter
285I bring milk and have a horn, but I am not a cow. What am I?Milk Truck
286In two years I know, I'll be twice as old as five years ago, said Tom. How old is Tom?Twelve
287A book once owned by the wealthy, now rare to find. Never for sale and often left behind. What am I?Phonebook
288At first I am a yellow weed in the lawn, and then the wind blows, and my white feathers are gone. What am I?Dandelion
289With four oars it swims but it is always at home. Its back is like armor, tougher than chrome. What is it?Turtle
290I can burn your mouth and sting your eye, but I am consumed everyday. What am I?Salt
291With hands that can't hold and eyes that can't see, she's cherished by some but has no real family. Who is she?Doll
292I can bring back the dead and a tear to your eye. A stir of emotions will follow close by. What am I?Memories
293My body is timber and I am a boy among men. I have a nose without end and an insect for a friend. Who am I?Pinocchio
294What do you use to hoe a row and say hello?Hands
295Agile on my feet, I drive dogs mad. I flick my tail when I'm angry and hum when I'm glad. What am I?Cat
296You need a key to receive an answer from me. The answer you'll find is straight from your mind. What is it?Code
297I am in your hand but you don't hold me. After some time, you will know me. What am I?Fate
298Grown in darkness yet shimmers in light. It is lovely, round, and every woman's delight. What is it?Pearl
299I am young in the sun and trapped to be aged. Held in a bottle but opening is delayed. What am I?Wine
300My uses are changing, but I still remain the same. My interior is quiet, and stories are my game. What am I?Library
301I spin and hum, I'm your summer tool. Just flip the switch, and I serve to cool. What am I?Fan
302More rare today than long ago. There's a salutation from friends written below. What am I?Letter
303What can get you there in eco style, pushed by your legs mile after mile?Bicycle
304Secured in place, I work undercover, and with a flick of your finger. My purpose you'll discover. What am I?Light bulb
305What is eaten by man, served among many, grown by many, and white as snow?Rice
306I live next to beauty trying to catch your eye. Grab me without looking, and you're surely to cry. What am I?Thorn
307Without feather or wing I fly, but you'll known what I am when I hover near by. What am I?Helicopter
308What starts out in a field and then crashed on a stone. It becomes much more when to the fire it's thrown?Bread
309What is born on the ground but floats to the sky, to be returned back again from the clouds up high?Rain
310It gets passed among men and builds without growing. It serves to injure from a source unknowing. What is it?Lie
311What has a green top, red on its belly, seeds on the outside, and tastes great in jelly?Strawberry
312Sometimes it's silver but also gold. Printed on paper it's a treasure to hold. What is it?Currency
313Strip the skin under my skin, and my flesh you'll reveal. It tastes sweet and tart, now throw out the peel. What is it?Orange
314He calls in the morning, the day to renew, if his owner gets hungry, he'll be turned to stew. What is he?Rooster
315I am a number with a couple of friends, quarter a dozen, and you'll find me again. What am I?Three
316Tucked out of sight. I sing best at night. No instrument around, but you'll find me on the ground. What am I?Cricket
317Grown in the ground, it's taller than you. Strip off the outside, the yellow pieces you chew. What is it?Corn
318What moves across the land but never has to steer? It has delivered our goods year after year. What is it?Train
319Built of metal or wood to divide. It will make us good neighbors, if you stay on your side. What is it?Fence
320Tickle with your fingers and a song it will sing. Be careful, though, you may break a string. What is it?Guitar
321It is a place of play on a sunny day. Winter will come and take all the fun, but we'll be back in May. What is it?Park
322It can be grown in your yard or bought at the store and is given for love when less is more?Flower
323If you give it a tug, you can sit in the dark. Tug it again and a light will spark. What is it?Lamp
324Controlled by your hands and feet. It would be nothing without a street. What is it?Car
325It carries paper of the most important sort but also plastic, I'm glad to report. What is it?Wallet
326You use this to clean although it is small. If you forget it, your smile will appall? What is it?Toothbrush
327What comes in many varieties and can't be seen or touched, but it often makes you move?Music
328Touch this and you'll regret it. But if it's cold, you won't forget it. What is it?Fire
329What relies on columns but isn't a house, and asks for help but can't speak itself?Newspaper
330What is not a ball but yet a sphere, and holds all lands and people year after year?Earth
331Give it a toss, and it's ready, but not until it's dressed. What is it?Salad
332What can stand in place of a country but still fold away in a drawer?Flag
333What is made of wood and metal and must be buried before it works?Shovel
334Not a comb or a brush but makes the hair feel plush. What is it?Shampoo
335What has a bell but isn't a church. Is full of air but is not a balloon?Trumpet
336It comes from crystal and melts to a treat. Add it to your tea to make it sweet. What is it?Sugar
337What can be grown without sun or soil and can either provide nourishment or deliver poison?Mushroom
338Never alive but practically extinct. How we miss the letters pressing the ribbon of ink. What is it?Typewriter
339What zips through the sky with a tail of fire and dust. It could be an omen, its origin to discuss?Comet
340It stands upright and can be quite grand. Its secret is not hidden but right at hand. What is it?Piano
341What is light enough to float but will stay in a pack and may save your life if its on your back?Parachute
342My mother is water and my brother the sky. I am grey when wet but white when dry. What am I?Cloud
343What lives where it can breathe and has a hole in its back?whale
344Stolen from a cow, I'm placed in a vat. My flavor gets stronger the longer I've sat. What am I?Cheese
345I contain words about words, some of which you've never heard. What am I?Dictionary
346What has a spine, tail, and leash but isn't a dog?Kite
347Small was my stature, but my success was great. Until I entered Belgium to be handed my fate. Who am I?Napoleon
348A flash of light on a grey day. If you're made of metal, you best stay away. What am I?Lightning
349Used on a diamond and left on a board. It's great for a gymnast his grip to restore. What is it?Chalk
350What walks on 4 legs when young, 2 when grown, and 3 when old?Man
351You toss the outside and cook the inside. Then, you eat the outside and toss the inside. What is it?Corn
352You can break me, and I still work. If you touch me, you're mine. What am I?Heart
353At the sound of me, you may stomp your feet, but you may also dream or weep. What am I?Music
354What starts with T, ends with T, and has T in it?Teapot
355You saw me where I could not be. Yet, often you see me. What am I?Reflection
356I can be round or shot, painted or bare. Sometimes I am round, at others I'm square. What am I?Fingernail
357Before I came, the world was darker, that's true. But beware, I can also kill you. What am I?Electricity
358It keeps you on the ground and stops things from floating around. What is it?Gravity
359What is found in the woods, and if you're not careful can become part of your skin?Sliver
360This only turns over once you have travelled very far. What is it?Odometer
361A mile from end to end, but easily found on the face of a friend. What is it?Smile
362It can't be seen or felt. It can't be touched or smelt. Behind stars and under hills. All emptiness it fills. What is it?Space
363What has weight in its belly and trees on its back, nails in it's ribs and a liquid track?Boat
364Two is one, four is two, and six is three. Don't you see? What am I?Half
365At night I'm a mountain but in the morning a meadow. What am I?Bed
366I can help you to mend. I hide my body but never my head. What am I?Nail
367I am always around, but in the morning I show. You'll know its me from my golden glow. What am I?Sunlight
368What instrument can make any sound but not be seen or touched?Voice
369I met a man and drew his name. He tipped his hat and played my game. What is his name?Andrew
370I am in the middle of water but not an island. What am I?T
371A snake that binds without a head. A snake of fiber no need to dread. What am I?Rope
372What has skin of stone and tongue of wood, a belt of water and long as stood?Castle
373I am not eaten or baked, but I'm sure you'll find that some problems are solved with me in mind. What am I?Pi
374Attracted by light but flies at night. It's wind and hairy but not too scary. What is it?Moth
375Found in pizza but also the sky. You'll know I'm around when I'm close by. What am I?Circle
376I sometimes lack reason but often rhyme. I'm not the best but a good way to pass time. What am I?Riddle
377I am very important, but often overlooked. What am I?Nose
378Always wooden and covered in paint. It can make you laugh or hide, because something dark is inside. What is it?Pencil
379I can invent dreams or open the skies. It's easy to use me, just close your eyes. What am I?Imagination
380Covered in stone and sun. It's home to many but also none. What is it?Cemetery
381I'm on the end of a hook or combined with book. What am I?Worm
382Only one foot tall but I govern you. What am I?Ruler
383I can be found on a present, the front of a boat, or after the rain. What am I?Bow
384I cover reality and hide what is true but may bring out the courage in you. What am I?Make up
385For me, much blood has been shed. I have two faces but only bare one head. What am I?Coin
386I rise up free the first and second time. But need me a third, and I will cost you. What am I?Teeth
387I cannot walk and cannot see, I'm straw on a stick but keep things tidy. What am I?Broom
388I can be used to type and point you see. But don't forget, you can count on me. What am I?Fingers
389What dresses for summer and sheds in the winter?Tree
390What is as large as a mountain or small as a pea and endlessly swims in a waterless sea?Asteroid
391What can hold all days, weeks, and months but still fit on a table?Calendar
392What must be looked through in order to see?Glasses
393What has two spines and a lot of ribs, and carries much but never moves?Train Tracks
394I bind it, it walks. I loosen it stops. What is it?Sandal
395The cloud is my mother, my father the wind. The lake is my son and the rainbow my bed. What am I?Rain
396What is heavy forward but not backward?Ton
397The more I dry the wetter I get. What am I?Towel


Riddle Quiz Cheats — 73 Comments

  1. It is quite educating but the little problem I abscond while I waz reading were the possible, indicate in at the front of each question were not clear to see. But, it is illustrative.

  2. Google can be a tool and the clue writter could be a fool, or at the end of the day it might lead you the wrong way? Does anyone know the answer?

  3. Which thing is white as snow and black as charcoal, it can be used once by ladies in thier whole but can be used thrice by men every day?

  4. Which thing is white as snow and black as charcoal, it can be used once by ladies in thier whole but can be used thrice by men every day? Help

  5. If I die, you die. underneath me, you may feel comfort. if you stay too long, though, you may hurt. Some bow to me, but I bow to none.
    what am I ?

  6. (I have two heads, yet one thin neck. Every so often, you come to check– Just how far I’ve gone, and how long til I’m done. The more still I stand, the faster I run.) I need to get this answer

  7. What goes up and come down at the same time, you can’t see it and if you want to you can catch it but never hold it.

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  9. I am always moving and somtimes still,I am a weapon but also a friend,and I always am happy but you can’t ever tell. What am I?
    Answer:A dog

  10. Has a mouth,
    but cannot drink.
    Has a head,
    but cannot think.
    Has a tongue,
    but not a lung.
    Some are held
    and some are hung.

  11. What costs a lot, but never cares. That lives upstairs, in a frozen air. Who never breathes, accept at death. Whistles a tune, that’s never kept.

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