What’s That Phrase Answer Guide

What’s That Phrase is a smart riddle game that asks you to guess phrases. Some of the guesses can be really hard if you cannot think outside of the box. We have created an easy to use single page cheat sheet with all the answers for you.

You can search for the solutions fast by using the search function. We feature all the readable words that appear in the puzzle, as well as the final answer needed to pass the stage. You can also use next option to scroll to further answer pages. Good luck beating What’s That Phrase the phrase riddle guessing game!

LevelWhat's That Phrase
Word on Screen
1CokeDiet Coke
2Cover CopUndercover Cop
3QuiteQuite Right
4EdgesRound Edges
5Nana FishTuna Fish
7sta4nceFor Instance
8PromiseBroken Promise
9Grabs grabs grabs grabsUp for grabs
10Funny funny words wordsToo Funny for words
11=Equal Right
1210 2Too Intense
13Your TimeYour Time is Up
15Gear GearShifting Gear
17GSEGScrambled Eggs
18SkateSkate on Thin Ice
19Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount MountMountain
20tenBADtionBad Intention
21X QQQQQ MeExcuse Me
22jk abcdefghi lmnopqrstuvwxyzHijack
24WakeWake up
25May 28, 2013Update
28Dox DoxParadox
30Thanks thanks thanks thanks thanksÂ…Thanks a Lot
32HurryHurry Up
33Arctic Circle
34Rain Rain Rain Rain AidForeign Aid
37StupidDownright Stupid
39______ itBlanket
40Important = ImportantEqually Important
41Mary + MarySummary
42O_ER_T_O_Painless Operation
43H2OSea Water
45Break iiiiiiBreak the Ice
47iiiii x iiiii x iiiiiIce Cube
4812Two in One
49StarFalling Star
50All AgainAll Over Again
51Cycle Cycle CycleTricycle
52TogetuchGet in Touch
53Diamond Ring
54Come table table table tableComfortable
56earth earthDown to Earth
571. 2. Blame 3. BlameNo One to Blame
58GasGreen House Gas
59Vision VisionDouble Vision
60SpinReverse Spin
61Meta Meta Meta MetaMetaphor
62TigerWhite Tiger
63ThinkThink Big
64Man BoardMan Overboard
65FamilyExtended Family
66HatTop Hat
67FairFair and Square
68Once TimeOnce Upon a Time
69TireFlat Tire
70Fire FireCross Fire
71SpibredBe Inspired
72E Anything Anything Anything AnythingReady for Anything
73OrderTall Order
74Over Over Over OverLeftovers
75Nothing NothingNext to Nothing
76Va derSpace Invader
77Fading Point
78Good GoodUp to no Good
79head head head headForehead
81Esroh RideHorseback Ride
83BrotherBig Brother
84DietBalanced Diet
85Hands Down
86Lady Lady LadyFirst Lady
87M!llionOne in a million
88$0.00 All All All AllFree for all
89MadeMade in China
90Aged Aged AgedMiddle Aged
91TGreen Tea
92RunningRunning Around
93NiagaraNiagara Falls
95FriendFriend Circle
96Breed BreedCross Breed
97Big Ignore Big IgnoreToo Big to Ignore
98World World WorldThird World
99HABig Laugh
101BananaBanan Split
102ADNSTStand in Order
103GravityCenter of Gravity
104Ca Ca Ca Ca Ca Ca Ca Ca CaCanine
105Odom Odom OdomDominoes
106KneeNeon Light
108mTrusteTrust in Me
109RPGAEGrape Jam
111Man Up
112TableTable has Turned
113Ho2 CkeyAir Hockey
114My mind mind my mimy ND NDM IMYChanged my mind
115Lucky Strike
116reference referenceCross Reference
117US Made A.Made in USA
118dirty dirty dirty dirty dirty dirty dirty dirty dirty dirty dirty dirtyDirty Dozen
119Play word word wordPlay on Words
120Clo$ingClosing Costs
121GetGet Cracking
122chance chance chance chanceLast chance
123chip chip quack quack honk honk tweet tweet"Fowl Language
124iiitIced Tea
125CenturyTurn of a century
126soon soonNone too Soon
127wonderSmall Wonder
128LannnnguageForeign Language
129RubRub the Wrong Way
130knockKnock Out
131FairFair and Square
132deck deck deck deckStacking the Deck
133That's = IFThat's a Big If
134mfailyFamily Tree
135Keep playingPlaying for Keeps
136MustardCut the Mustard
137HJOUOMPPJump Through Hoop
138PlainIn Plain Sight
139MoonOnce in a Blue Moon
1403 ends 51 endsOdds and ends
141timePressed for Time
142enemyArch Enemy
143Nine nine nineThe Back Nine
144hip (2B)Hip to be Square
145AnimationSuspended Animation
146Line Up
147hand me hand meHand Me Downs
1481. pleading 2. pleading 3. pleading 4. pleading. 5. pleadingPleading the fifth
149johnnyJohnny on the Spot
150roll minutesroll over minutes
151fritesFrench Fries
152TownPaint the Town
153ci rc us3 Ring Circus
154the lawLay down the law
155C exploreExplore Undersea
156La4ndsForeign Lands
157BeefLean Beef
158Fit FitFits to a Tee
159Egg Egg EzTwo Eggs Over Easy
160Battle 2Half the Battle
161GoallGo all Out
162roughroughroughroughRough Edges
163NVGreen with Envy
164Cover cover cover coverHead for Cover
165hide hideNothing to Hide
166ppppppppp earthPeace on Earth
167ELEINSGFMixed Feelings
168rice krispies 154, kellogg's 5685, tootie fruities 21Serial Numbers
169cakeUpside-Down Cake
170iEye Shadow
171u2222More Power to You
172Parking ParkingParallel Parking
173AchanceNOutside Chance
174Musical Chairs
17514 RoadOne For the Road
176blue blueThe Blue Angels
177Don'tDo not back down
178Ur WaiterTip Your Waiter
179surfSurfing the Web
180dog dog dog dog dogTop Dog
181BallOverhand Curveball
182fishing fishing truth fishing fishingFishing the Truth
183FistThe Iron Fist
184Do cutDisorder Conduct
185wea$$$therChange in Weather
186attentionCenter of Attention
187stickEnd of the Stick
188land underThe Land Downunder
189CupCup of Tea
190I was framed
191_____ travelSpace Travel
192fall SDRAWfall over backwards
193my tongueTip of my tongue
194HoffdustmanDustin Hoffman
195Suit Up
196ghorsinHorsing around
197AnnualAnnual Checkup
198iiiii ^3ice cube
199Walk walkCrosswalk
200widowBlack Widow
201sense sense sense sense sense senseThe Sixth Sense
202$Right on the Money
203PodTwo Peas in a Pod
204iiiii skatingIce Skating
205Worse wear wear wear wearNo Worse for Wear
206peraThreepenny Opera
20710 PressureIntense Pressure
208RelationshipStormy Relation
209Lead nononoLed by the Nose
210One NoseWon by the Nose
211ReviewsMovie Reviews
212the last word / 2Have the last Word
213chargesReverse Charges
214ShoppingOnline Shopping
215bend SDRAWBend Over Backwards
216Word ^yyA word to the Wise
217BarRaising the Bar
218Taes DriverBackseat Driver
219fi4lmForeign Film
220PastErase the Past
221past past pastRepeat the Past
223MightMight Makes Right
224given xs xsGiven to Excess
225an I 4 an IAn Eye for an Eye
226tttt winksForty Winks
227sleep slpee slepe lseep pesleSleeping Disorder
228RoughRough Diamond
229gnivomMoving Up
230bbrideBride to Be
231ScoreBoxed Score
232M ce M ce M ce3 Blind Mice
233scratch ymScratch My Back
2344 centIn For a Penny
2351/4 1/4 1/4 1/4 1/4 1/4Close Quarters
236Sir Land Sir Lance Sir LanceSir Lancelot
237Waiting ever ever ever everWaiting Forever
238ur $ ur $Double Your Cash
239St. LouisSt. Louis Blues
240ForceDelta Force
241oven oven oven ovenMicrowave Oven
242WarrentyExtended Warranty
243give give give give + get get get getForgive & Forget
2441 4 2 66 56 80Odd One Out
245FlightRed-Eye Flight
246YRYYRYWires Crossed
247And ThatAnd On That Note
248EvenBreak Even Point
249Straw straw straw strawThe Last Straw
250BombDrop the Bomb
251HouseA House Divided
252ReservedReserved Online
253crying x1 more x4Crying for More
254Math -NMath lesson
255iiiiI am Always Right
256flight soSolo Flight
257$our BreadSourdough Bread
258step petsOne step forward
259life live liveOne Life to Live
2602B or 2BTo be or Not To Be
261MC^2Boundless Energy
262PawalkrkA Walk in the Park
263EPOCS EPOCSUp Periscope
264the sandHead in the Sand
265TurnNo U-Turn
266SpeechFlowery Speech
267MenMen in Black
268FussBig Fuss
269PocketsDeep Pockets
270your got II got your back
271ThoudeepghtDeep in Thought
272heat heat heatHeat Wave
273Put It In Words
274power UUMore Power to You
2752nd 2Second to None
276B.S. M.S. Ph.D M.D. D.D.SFive Degrees
277tfisrFirst Round
2781111For Once
2793 10 RRRRThe Three Tenors
280exxposureDouble Exposure


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  1. There is no way #185 is Change in weather. Those are clearly dollar signs. I would have gotten it so much faster had there been cent signs instead… wow!!! I feel dumb

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