What’s The Saying Complete Cheats Answers

Are you stuck with any of the levels in What’s the Saying? Get stuck no more with the best cheat table listing that have all the answers in one simple and easy table. Solve all the puzzles now!

Variety 1Level 1Falling Asleep
Variety 1Level 2I Understand
Variety 1Level 3Foot In The Door
Variety 1Level 4Easy As Pie
Variety 1Level 5Step Back
Variety 1Level 6Man On The Moon
Variety 1Level 7Banana Split
Variety 1Level 8Blackjack
Variety 1Level 9For Instance
Variety 1Level 10Separated At Birth
Variety 1Level 11Cross Stitch
Variety 1Level 12Whiteboard
Variety 1Level 13Tip Of The Iceberg
Variety 1Level 14Time Is Up
Variety 1Level 15Once In A Blue Moon
Variety 1Level 16Dark Room
Variety 1Level 17Hole In One
Variety 1Level 18Next To Nothing
Variety 1Level 19Top Dog
Variety 1Level 20Left Overs
Variety 1Level 21Diamond In The Rough
Variety 1Level 22Bucket List
Variety 1Level 23White Elephant
Variety 1Level 24Pair Of Pants
Variety 1Level 25Mountain
Variety 1Level 26Walk In The Park
Variety 1Level 27Play On Words
Variety 1Level 28Square Root
Variety 1Level 29Barbershop Quartet
Variety 1Level 30Outer Space
Variety 1Level 31Forgive And Forget
Variety 1Level 32Free For All
Variety 1Level 33Black Sea
Variety 1Level 34Go For It
Variety 1Level 35Growing Economy
Variety 1Level 36Half Hearted
Variety 1Level 37Think Outside The Box
Variety 1Level 38Ice Cube
Variety 1Level 39History Repeats Itself
Variety 1Level 40Dog Day Afternoon
Variety 1Level 41Middle Ages
Variety 1Level 42I Am Bigger Than You
Variety 1Level 43The World In My Hands
Variety 1Level 44Order In The Court
Variety 1Level 45Sunrise
Variety 1Level 46Wbad Intentions
Variety 1Level 47Repeat After Me
Variety 1Level 48Settle For Less
Variety 1Level 49Singing In The Rain
Variety 1Level 50Sleeping On The Job
Variety #2Level 1 Toothpick
Variety #2Level 2 Travel Overseas
Variety #2Level 3 Elevator Out Of Order
Variety #2Level 4 Once In A While
Variety #2Level 5 Feedback
Variety #2Level 6 Just Between You And Me
Variety #2Level 7 Connecting Flights
Variety #2Level 8 Tickled Pink
Variety #2Level 9 Downpour
Variety #2Level 10 Canine
Variety #2Level 11 Space Invaders
Variety #2Level 12 Too Intense
Variety #2Level 13 Top Secret
Variety #2Level 14 Tripod
Variety #2Level 15 Square Feet
Variety #2Level 16 Middle Of The Night
Variety #2Level 17 Tenure
Variety #2Level 18 See Eye To Eye
Variety #2Level 19 Keyboard
Variety #2Level 20 Good Influence
Variety #2Level 21 Backseat
Variety #2Level 22 A Friend In Need
Variety #2Level 23 Falling Star
Variety #2Level 24 Falling For You
Variety #2Level 25 Excuse Me
Variety #2Level 26 All For One And One For All
Variety #2Level 27 Counter Clockwise
Variety #2Level 28 Crosscheck
Variety #2Level 29 Sit Down And Shut Up
Variety #2Level 30 Made In China
Variety #2Level 31 Heavy Handed
Variety #2Level 32 Thank You
Variety #2Level 33 End Of The Day
Variety #2Level 34 Greencard
Variety #2Level 35 Equally Important
Variety #2Level 36 Once Upon A Time
Variety #2Level 37 Lemonade
Variety #2Level 38 Head Over Heels
Variety #2Level 39 Backspin
Variety #2Level 40 Center Of Gravity
Variety #2Level 41 Diamond Ring
Variety #2Level 42 Skake To Shuffle
Variety #2Level 43 Horseback-Riding
Variety #2Level 44 Resolution
Variety #2Level 45 Summer
Variety #2Level 46 Sancing In The Rain
Variety #2Level 47 A Drop In The Bucket
Variety #2Level 48 Be Inspired
Variety #2Level 49 Purple Haze
Variety #2Level 50 Center Of Attention
CleverLevel 1 Metaphor
CleverLevel 2 Love At First Sight
CleverLevel 3 Undercover Cup
CleverLevel 4 No Excuse
CleverLevel 5 Think Before You Speak
CleverLevel 6 Inside Out
CleverLevel 7 On Top Of The World
CleverLevel 8 Mind Over Matter
CleverLevel 9 Good Intentions
CleverLevel 10 Ready For Anything
CleverLevel 11 To Be Or Not To Be
CleverLevel 12 Inside Man
CleverLevel 13 Advice
CleverLevel 14 Woman On The Side
CleverLevel 15 Star Crossed Lovers
CleverLevel 16 Ready In Time
CleverLevel 17 Paradise
CleverLevel 18 Someone Is Behind You
CleverLevel 19 Feature Film
CleverLevel 20 Fair And Square
CleverLevel 21 Vanishing Point
CleverLevel 22 Five Degrees Below Zero
CleverLevel 23 Touch Up
CleverLevel 24 Moonrise
CleverLevel 25 Paradox
CleverLevel 26 Walk Around Twon
CleverLevel 27 Running On Empty
CleverLevel 28 Walk Around The Clock
CleverLevel 29 Ready For More
CleverLevel 30 Ring Around The Rosie
CleverLevel 31 Man Overboard
CleverLevel 32 Vitamin A Deficiency
CleverLevel 33 Summary
CleverLevel 34 Two In One
CleverLevel 35 Once Upon A Time
CleverLevel 36 Quarter Back
CleverLevel 37 Balanced Diet
CleverLevel 38 Neon Light
CleverLevel 39 Sugar Cube
CleverLevel 40 Artic Circle
CleverLevel 41 Honeymoon
CleverLevel 42 Rose Garden
CleverLevel 43 Top Of The Morning To You
CleverLevel 44 Cut Above The Rest
CleverLevel 45 Forty Years
CleverLevel 46 All Hands On Deck
CleverLevel 47 Breakfast
CleverLevel 48 Jack In The Box
CleverLevel 49 Tenant
CleverLevel 50 Believe
CunningLevel 1 Brush With Death
CunningLevel 2 Pay The Piper
CunningLevel 3 Out On A Limb
CunningLevel 4 Great Minds Think Alike
CunningLevel 5 Sixth Sense
CunningLevel 6 When It Rains It Pours
CunningLevel 7 The Whole Nine Yards
CunningLevel 8 The Last Straw
CunningLevel 9 Pig Out
CunningLevel 10 Long In The Tooth
CunningLevel 11 Catty Corner
CunningLevel 12 X Marks The Spot
CunningLevel 13 High On The Hog
CunningLevel 14 White Lie
CunningLevel 15 Chow Down
CunningLevel 16 Barking Up The Wrong Tree
CunningLevel 17 Bakers Dozen
CunningLevel 18 Drop Of A Hat
CunningLevel 19 All Bark And No Bite
CunningLevel 20 Toss Up
CunningLevel 21 A Dime A Dozen
CunningLevel 22 Sleep With The Fishes
CunningLevel 23 Piece Of Cake
CunningLevel 24 Off The Hook
CunningLevel 25 Kick The Bucket
CunningLevel 26 The Cat Is Out Of The Bag
CunningLevel 27 Allright
CunningLevel 28 Hit The Road
CunningLevel 29 Ace In The Hole
CunningLevel 30 Up To Date
CunningLevel 31 Blue In The Face
CunningLevel 32 Under The Weather
CunningLevel 33 Costs An Arm And A Leg
CunningLevel 34 Pipe Down
CunningLevel 35 Sleep On It
CunningLevel 36 Raining Cats And Dogs
CunningLevel 37 On The Spot
CunningLevel 38 Low Blow
CunningLevel 39 Live Hand To Mouth
CunningLevel 40 Junk Mail
CunningLevel 41 Jump To Conclusions
CunningLevel 42 Grab A Bite
CunningLevel 43 Two Faced
CunningLevel 44 Down In The Dumps
CunningLevel 45 Rags To Riches
CunningLevel 46 Catch Some Zs
CunningLevel 47 The Bottom Line
CunningLevel 48 Beat Around The Bush
CunningLevel 49 Up And Running
CunningLevel 50 The Cold Shoulder
WittyLevel 1 Square Dance
WittyLevel 2 Red Letter Day
WittyLevel 3 Air Hockey
WittyLevel 4 Rubiks Cube
WittyLevel 5 Henry The Eight
WittyLevel 6 Screen Play
WittyLevel 7 Grace Period
WittyLevel 8 Whats Up Doc
WittyLevel 9 Lost In The Crowd
WittyLevel 10 Living Quarters
WittyLevel 11 Drop In The Market
WittyLevel 12 Pit Stop
WittyLevel 13 Too Good To Pass Up
WittyLevel 14 The Jury Is Out
WittyLevel 15 Count Dracula
WittyLevel 16 Meteor Shower
WittyLevel 17 Role Reversal
WittyLevel 18 Im In A Rush
WittyLevel 19 Iced Coffee
WittyLevel 20 One And Done
WittyLevel 21 Mountain Lion
WittyLevel 22 Facebook
WittyLevel 23 Honorable Intentions
WittyLevel 24 Shifting Sands
WittyLevel 25 New York Times
WittyLevel 26 Smoky Mountains
WittyLevel 27 Police Line Up
WittyLevel 28 Fat Cat
WittyLevel 29 Empty Space
WittyLevel 30 Kick Boxing
WittyLevel 31 Headless Horseman
WittyLevel 32 Eye Doctor
WittyLevel 33 Bullet Train
WittyLevel 34 Run For The Border
WittyLevel 35 Sidewinder
WittyLevel 36 Blockhead
WittyLevel 37 Order Online
WittyLevel 38 Jet Black
WittyLevel 39 Walking Hand In Hand
WittyLevel 40 Black Friday
WittyLevel 41 Tee Ball
WittyLevel 42 Peace On The Earth
WittyLevel 43 Broad Daylight
WittyLevel 44 All Shook Up
WittyLevel 45 Worlds Apart
WittyLevel 46 Settle Out Of Court
WittyLevel 47 White Christmas
WittyLevel 48 Change Of Heart
WittyLevel 49 Headline News
WittyLevel 50 Cross Country Skiing
BrainyLevel 1 All Night Long
BrainyLevel 2 All Star Game
BrainyLevel 3 Apple Turnover
BrainyLevel 4 Arctic Circle
BrainyLevel 5 Background Check
BrainyLevel 6 Bees Knees
BrainyLevel 7 Cat Scan
BrainyLevel 8 Chain Store
BrainyLevel 9 Cherry Pie
BrainyLevel 10 Close Finish
BrainyLevel 11 Come To Ones Senses
BrainyLevel 12 Crop Circles
BrainyLevel 13 Cup Of Tea
BrainyLevel 14 Deep Dish Pizza
BrainyLevel 15 Disorderly Conduct
BrainyLevel 16 Early Riser
BrainyLevel 17 Eye On The Ball
BrainyLevel 18 Eyes On The Future
BrainyLevel 19 Fish Out Of Water
BrainyLevel 20 Go With The Flow
BrainyLevel 21 Little Boy Blue
BrainyLevel 22 Loss For Words
BrainyLevel 23 Mixed Reviews
BrainyLevel 24 Money Bags
BrainyLevel 25 No Worse For Wear
BrainyLevel 26 One Down And Nine To Go
BrainyLevel 27 Orange Slices
BrainyLevel 28 Outside Chance
BrainyLevel 29 Overwhelming Odds
BrainyLevel 30 Part Time Job
BrainyLevel 31 Play For Keeps
BrainyLevel 32 Poker Face
BrainyLevel 33 Pound Of Flesh
BrainyLevel 34 Put Your Dukes Up
BrainyLevel 35 Read Between The Lines
BrainyLevel 36 Rest In Peace
BrainyLevel 37 Roll With The Punches
BrainyLevel 38 Round Robin Tournament
BrainyLevel 39 Sense Of Urgency
BrainyLevel 40 Short Story
BrainyLevel 41 Singing The Blues
BrainyLevel 42 Small Claims Court
BrainyLevel 43 Space Probes
BrainyLevel 44 Spaced Out
BrainyLevel 45 Spring Break
BrainyLevel 46 Stack The Odds
BrainyLevel 47 Too Much Of A Good Thing
BrainyLevel 48 Two And A Half Men
BrainyLevel 49 Want For Nothing
BrainyLevel 50 Washed Up
AstuteLevel 1 Error In Judgement
AstuteLevel 2 Long Time No See
AstuteLevel 3 Thick As Thieves
AstuteLevel 4 Lost In The Shuffle
AstuteLevel 5 Madison Square Garden
AstuteLevel 6 Rollover Minutes
AstuteLevel 7 Inside Man
AstuteLevel 8 All Bent Out Of Shape
AstuteLevel 9 Red Eye Reduction
AstuteLevel 10 Nose To The Grindstone
AstuteLevel 11 Walk Down The Aisle
AstuteLevel 12 Larger Than Life
AstuteLevel 13 Forever And A Day
AstuteLevel 14 Pales In Comparison
AstuteLevel 15 Shooting The Breeze
AstuteLevel 16 Left In The Dark
AstuteLevel 17 In Under The Wire
AstuteLevel 18 Its Up To You
AstuteLevel 19 Scattered Showers
AstuteLevel 20 Fly In The Ointment
AstuteLevel 21 Catch Twenty Two
AstuteLevel 22 Cradle To Grave
AstuteLevel 23 I Stand Corrected
AstuteLevel 24 Throw In The Towel
AstuteLevel 25 All In One Piece
AstuteLevel 26 Blast From The Past
AstuteLevel 27 Beggard Cant Be Choosers
AstuteLevel 28 Face To Face With Danger
AstuteLevel 29 Reverse Course
AstuteLevel 30 Friends In High Places
AstuteLevel 31 Trick Or Threat
AstuteLevel 32 Talking Point
AstuteLevel 33 Frakenstein
AstuteLevel 34 Run Around The Block
AstuteLevel 35 Lost In Space
AstuteLevel 36 Up For Grabs
AstuteLevel 37 Academically Inclined
AstuteLevel 38 Hot Under The Collar
AstuteLevel 39 Too Close To Call
AstuteLevel 40 Recipe For Disaster
AstuteLevel 41 Slice Of Life
AstuteLevel 42 Up In Arms
AstuteLevel 43 Wide Open
AstuteLevel 44 History In The Making
AstuteLevel 45 Wet Behind The Ears
AstuteLevel 46 Dirty Joke
AstuteLevel 47 Back Rub
AstuteLevel 48 Fork It Over
AstuteLevel 49 Turn For The Worse
AstuteLevel 50 Tickled Pink
IntenseLevel 1 Bet Your Bottom Dollar
IntenseLevel 2 Back Against The Wall
IntenseLevel 3 Three Sheets To The Wind
IntenseLevel 4 Too Many Times To Count
IntenseLevel 5 Sink Or Swim
IntenseLevel 6 Repeat After Me
IntenseLevel 7 The Comeback Kid
IntenseLevel 8 Homestretch
IntenseLevel 9 The Boys Are Back In Town
IntenseLevel 10 To Die For
IntenseLevel 11 Good To The Last Drop
IntenseLevel 12 A Crying Shame
IntenseLevel 13 Hold Out For More
IntenseLevel 14 Upper Deck
IntenseLevel 15 Reaction Time
IntenseLevel 16 Born To Be Wild
IntenseLevel 17 Raise A Stink
IntenseLevel 18 More Power To You
IntenseLevel 19 Uphill Battle
IntenseLevel 20 Turnover Rate
IntenseLevel 21 Points Of Contention
IntenseLevel 22 Set The Record Straight
IntenseLevel 23 When Push Comes To Shove
IntenseLevel 24 Lost In Translation
IntenseLevel 25 Race Around The Clock
IntenseLevel 26 Think Before You Speak
IntenseLevel 27 All Bets Are Off
IntenseLevel 28 Ring Around The Collar
IntenseLevel 29 Back In Action
IntenseLevel 30 Guilt By Association
IntenseLevel 31 Step Ladder
IntenseLevel 32 In Case Youre Wondering
IntenseLevel 33 Gap In Communication
IntenseLevel 34 Making Plans
IntenseLevel 35 Safety In Numbers
IntenseLevel 36 Two Left Feet
IntenseLevel 37 Back To The Drawing Board
IntenseLevel 38 South Pole
IntenseLevel 39 Sweetie Pie
IntenseLevel 40 Threes A Crowd
IntenseLevel 41 Change Your Tune
IntenseLevel 42 He Is Ahead Of His Time
IntenseLevel 43 Basic Instincts
IntenseLevel 44 Short Of Breath
IntenseLevel 45 Yellow Bellied
IntenseLevel 46 Short Stack
IntenseLevel 47 Back For Seconds
IntenseLevel 48 Cutting Corners
IntenseLevel 49 Pick Up Line
IntenseLevel 50 Tally Ho
CraftyLevel 1Time Flies
CraftyLevel 2Cash Cow
CraftyLevel 3Hold Your Horses
CraftyLevel 4Fat Chance
CraftyLevel 5Happy Meal
CraftyLevel 6Uptown Girl
CraftyLevel 7Bread Winner
CraftyLevel 8Air Force One
CraftyLevel 9Milkshake
CraftyLevel 10Blocked Up
CraftyLevel 11Love Is Blind
CraftyLevel 12Midnight In Paris
CraftyLevel 13Tower Of Pisa
CraftyLevel 14Waiting In Line
CraftyLevel 15Happy Feet
CraftyLevel 16Underdog
CraftyLevel 17Pork Chop
CraftyLevel 18Love Triangle
CraftyLevel 19Three Little Pigs
CraftyLevel 20Baseball Diamond
CraftyLevel 21Love Letter
CraftyLevel 22Screw Up
CraftyLevel 23Punchline
CraftyLevel 24Men In Black
CraftyLevel 25Locked Out
CraftyLevel 26Time Travel
CraftyLevel 27Family Dog
CraftyLevel 28Grapes Of Wrath
CraftyLevel 29Bee Line
CraftyLevel 30Pros Versus Cons
CraftyLevel 31Poker Night
CraftyLevel 32Coffee Break
CraftyLevel 33Fast And Furious
CraftyLevel 34Midnight Snack
CraftyLevel 35Music To My Ears
CraftyLevel 36Sweet Sixteen
CraftyLevel 37Dances With Wolves
CraftyLevel 38King Of The Hill
CraftyLevel 39Doctor Dolittle
CraftyLevel 40King Kong
CraftyLevel 41Hit And Run
CraftyLevel 42Outlook
CraftyLevel 43Silent Night
CraftyLevel 44Running Out Of Gas
CraftyLevel 45Honey Bunny
CraftyLevel 46Sweet Talk
CraftyLevel 47Fruit Punch
CraftyLevel 48Angel Food Cake
CraftyLevel 49Smell A Rat
CraftyLevel 50Money Talks
SharpLevel 1Good For Nothing
SharpLevel 2More Bang For Your Buck
SharpLevel 3By The Book
SharpLevel 4Carpe Diem
SharpLevel 5All Greek To Me
SharpLevel 6Jumping The Gun
SharpLevel 7Put A Sock On It
SharpLevel 8Keep On Trucking
SharpLevel 9Counting Sheep
SharpLevel 10Push The Envelope
SharpLevel 11Bite The Dust
SharpLevel 12Drop Like Flies
SharpLevel 13Cut To The Chase
SharpLevel 14Back Seat Driver
SharpLevel 15The Third Degree
SharpLevel 16Out Of This World
SharpLevel 17Short End Of The Stick
SharpLevel 18Right Off The Bat
SharpLevel 19Fall From Grace
SharpLevel 20Agree To Disagree
SharpLevel 21Hang In There
SharpLevel 22Needle In A Haystack
SharpLevel 23Goody Two Shoes
SharpLevel 24An Eye For An Eye
SharpLevel 25Cooking The Books
SharpLevel 26Dont Go There
SharpLevel 27Beg The Question
SharpLevel 28Stonehenge
SharpLevel 29Green Eyed Monster
SharpLevel 30Play It By Ear
SharpLevel 31Back To Square One
SharpLevel 32Tough It Out
SharpLevel 33Bored To Death
SharpLevel 34A No Brainer
SharpLevel 35Age Before Beauty
SharpLevel 36Over A Barrel
SharpLevel 37Down To Earth
SharpLevel 38Go For Broke
SharpLevel 39Down To The Wire
SharpLevel 40Buckle Down
SharpLevel 41Born Again
SharpLevel 42Off The Record
SharpLevel 43Speak Of The Devil
SharpLevel 44Knock On Wood
SharpLevel 45Through Thick And Thin
SharpLevel 46A Drop In The Ocean
SharpLevel 47Caught Red Handed
SharpLevel 48Sky Is The Limit
SharpLevel 49No Strings Attached
SharpLevel 50Level Playing Field
TrickyLevel 1Hatlftime
TrickyLevel 2Daytona Five Hundreds
TrickyLevel 3Party All Night
TrickyLevel 4Paradise Lost
TrickyLevel 5Dont Be A Stranger
TrickyLevel 6Call It A Day
TrickyLevel 7War Of Theroses
TrickyLevel 8 – Life In The Fast Lane
TrickyLevel 9Photo Bomb
TrickyLevel 10Four Minute Mile
TrickyLevel 11Lunar New Year
TrickyLevel 12Wild Goose Chase
TrickyLevel 13Face The Music
TrickyLevel 14Break Thesound Barrier
TrickyLevel 15Epic Fail
TrickyLevel 16The Hunt For Red October
TrickyLevel 17Shipwreck
TrickyLevel 18Shooting Pool
TrickyLevel 19Opening Night
TrickyLevel 20Million Man March
TrickyLevel 21Fight Fire With Fire
TrickyLevel 22Take The Upper Hand
TrickyLevel 23Last But Not Least
TrickyLevel 24Bells And Whistles
TrickyLevel 25Shiver My Timbers
TrickyLevel 26Take With A Grain Of Salt
TrickyLevel 27Eat My Hat
TrickyLevel 28End Of Story
TrickyLevel 29When Pigs Could Fly
TrickyLevel 30Don’T Sweat It
TrickyLevel 31Rule Of Thumb
TrickyLevel 32Keep Me In Loop
TrickyLevel 33Hedge Your Belts
TrickyLevel 34Cut The Mustard
TrickyLevel 35Graveyard Shift
TrickyLevel 36Just Saying
TrickyLevel 37No Way
TrickyLevel 38Golden Gate Bridge
TrickyLevel 39Pursuit Of Happiness
TrickyLevel 40Ring Of Fire
TrickyLevel 41Dont Stop Believing
TrickyLevel 42The Jungle Book
TrickyLevel 43Short Circuit
TrickyLevel 44Saving Grace
TrickyLevel 45Of Mice And Men
TrickyLevel 46A Shot In The Arm
TrickyLevel 47Father Of The Bride
TrickyLevel 48Sea Biscuit
TrickyLevel 49As The World Turns
TrickyLevel 50Dont Cry Over Spilt Milk
SlickLevel 1Diet Coke
SlickLevel 2Undercover Cop
SlickLevel 3Up For Grabs
SlickLevel 4Too Funny For Words
SlickLevel 5Shifting Gears
SlickLevel 6On Thin Ice
SlickLevel 7Drop Down Box
SlickLevel 8Foreign Aid
SlickLevel 9All Over Again
SlickLevel 10Down To Earth
SlickLevel 11No One To Blame
SlickLevel 12Greenhouse Gas
SlickLevel 13Think Different
SlickLevel 14Extended Family
SlickLevel 15Balanced Breakfast
SlickLevel 16Circle Of Friends
SlickLevel 17Cross Breed
SlickLevel 18Third World
SlickLevel 19The Table Has Turned
SlickLevel 20Foul Language
SlickLevel 21Small Wonder
SlickLevel 22Stacking The Deck
SlickLevel 23Arch Enemy
SlickLevel 24The Back Nine
SlickLevel 25Hip To Be Square
SlickLevel 26Hand Me Down
SlickLevel 27Paint The Town
SlickLevel 28Three Ring Circus
SlickLevel 29Lean Beef
SlickLevel 30Half The Battle
SlickLevel 31Go All Out
SlickLevel 32Mixed Feelings
SlickLevel 33Upside Down Cake
SlickLevel 34Eye Shadow
SlickLevel 35The Land Down Under
SlickLevel 36Tip Of My Tongue
SlickLevel 37Horsing Around
SlickLevel 38Annual Checkup
SlickLevel 39Right On The Money
SlickLevel 40No Worse For Wear
SlickLevel 41Intense Pressure
SlickLevel 42Won By The Nose
SlickLevel 43Online Shopping
SlickLevel 44Erase The Past
SlickLevel 45History Repeats Itself
SlickLevel 46Forty Winks
SlickLevel 47Delta Force
SlickLevel 48Extended Warranty
SlickLevel 49Deep Pockets
SlickLevel 50Heat Wave
MindfulLevel 1Out On The Town
MindfulLevel 2Lion King
MindfulLevel 3Cock And Bull Story
MindfulLevel 4Grab A Bite
MindfulLevel 5Crack Someone Up
MindfulLevel 6Egghead
MindfulLevel 7Cool It
MindfulLevel 8Against The Clock
MindfulLevel 9All In The Same Boat
MindfulLevel 10Wine And Dine
MindfulLevel 11Pig In A Poke
MindfulLevel 12Dead Ringer
MindfulLevel 13Until The Cows Come Home
MindfulLevel 14The Buck Stops Here
MindfulLevel 15The Dark Knight
MindfulLevel 16True Blue
MindfulLevel 17Bite The Bullet
MindfulLevel 18Get Out Of Hand
MindfulLevel 19Good Bad And Ugly
MindfulLevel 20Spitting Image
MindfulLevel 21Stand By Me
MindfulLevel 22Eager Beaver
MindfulLevel 23Back To The Future
MindfulLevel 24Wishy Washy
MindfulLevel 25Rock The Boat
MindfulLevel 26With Bells On
MindfulLevel 27American Beauty
MindfulLevel 28Be On Time
MindfulLevel 29Steal Ones Thunder
MindfulLevel 30Fools Gold
MindfulLevel 31Hocus Pocus
MindfulLevel 32Step On It
MindfulLevel 33Pearls Of Wisdom
MindfulLevel 34Cut A Rug
MindfulLevel 35Life Of Pi
MindfulLevel 36Pedal To The Medal
MindfulLevel 37Green Mile
MindfulLevel 38Pop Quiz
MindfulLevel 39An Axe To Grind
MindfulLevel 40Sooner Or Later
MindfulLevel 41Haste Makes Waste
MindfulLevel 42Knee Jerk Reaction
MindfulLevel 43Greased Lightning
MindfulLevel 44A Doubting Thomas
MindfulLevel 45Southpaw
MindfulLevel 46Pick Of The Litter
MindfulLevel 47Sixth Sense
MindfulLevel 48Bust Ones Chops
MindfulLevel 49Da Vinci Code
MindfulLevel 50On The Same Page
ThoughtfulLevel 1West Sidestory
ThoughtfulLevel 2Forrest Gump
ThoughtfulLevel 3Jaywalk
ThoughtfulLevel 4Scot Free
ThoughtfulLevel 5Tip Up Your Love
ThoughtfulLevel 6State Of The Art
ThoughtfulLevel 7Chow Down
ThoughtfulLevel 8Pulp Fiction
ThoughtfulLevel 9Sitting Shotgun
ThoughtfulLevel 10Two To Tango
ThoughtfulLevel 11Jumo All Over Someone
ThoughtfulLevel 12Keep Your Chin Up
ThoughtfulLevel 13Horse Whisper
ThoughtfulLevel 14Gut Feeling
ThoughtfulLevel 15High As A Kite
ThoughtfulLevel 16Drop Like Flies
ThoughtfulLevel 17Gone With The Wind
ThoughtfulLevel 18Bite Your Tounge
ThoughtfulLevel 19Nineteen Eighty Four
ThoughtfulLevel 20Pipe Down
ThoughtfulLevel 21The Jig Is Up
ThoughtfulLevel 22Fit As A Riddle
ThoughtfulLevel 23In Broad Daylight
ThoughtfulLevel 24For A Song
ThoughtfulLevel 25Long Story Short
ThoughtfulLevel 26Icing On The Cake
ThoughtfulLevel 27Mums The Word
ThoughtfulLevel 28Star Trek
ThoughtfulLevel 29Boom Box
ThoughtfulLevel 30Hat Trick
ThoughtfulLevel 31In Then Red
ThoughtfulLevel 32Citizen Kane
ThoughtfulLevel 33No Bones About It
ThoughtfulLevel 34No Mans Land
ThoughtfulLevel 35Finger Licking Good
ThoughtfulLevel 36Excuse My French
ThoughtfulLevel 37Bend Over Backwards
ThoughtfulLevel 38Dark Horse
ThoughtfulLevel 39Flip The Bird
ThoughtfulLevel 40Slap On The Wrist
ThoughtfulLevel 41Heat Of The Moment
ThoughtfulLevel 42War And Peace
ThoughtfulLevel 43A Street Car Named Desire
ThoughtfulLevel 44Rain Check
ThoughtfulLevel 45Graveyard Shit
ThoughtfulLevel 46Know The Ropes
ThoughtfulLevel 47Funny Farm
ThoughtfulLevel 48Sock It To Me
ThoughtfulLevel 49At The Eleventh Hour
ThoughtfulLevel 50High Tolerance

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